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We care for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1954.
Over 18,300 children have grown up in our loving, secure environment.
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Farming Expenses

Nov. 3 - Nicaragua
Nursing Care at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital

Oct. 27 - Haiti
Sacred Heart Store

Oct. 13 - Guatemala
A School Bus For Our High School Home

Sep. 23 - Mexico
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Godparents Needed
8 Candid Opinions from Two Teenage Girls

Dec. 10 - Bolivia
Nine Truths from the Words of a Rebel Turned Role Model

Nov. 21 - Bolivia
Belizaire, Marcus and Binjanie

Nov. 20 - Haiti

Nov. 11 - El Salvador
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Nov. 30
Live Below the Line

Oct. 2
A Taste Of Peru

Sep. 3
Andrea Bocelli and His Support of NPH

Aug. 24
Talking Trends

May 15
Kiwi volunteers travel to Peru

May 8
Classroom sponsorship makes a difference

Apr. 12
A Remarkable Transformation

Feb. 25
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Volunteer Trip to Peru with NPH New Zealand
This trip is a unique opportunity where globally conscious New Zealanders have the chance to experience and contribute to life within one of our homes and make a real difference to children who truly need your help.
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