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Employee Stories

Cooking With Care
   Mar. 19, 2014
Gonzala, the expert cook who loves her job and working with the high school kids in our Mexico home.
Andrea Alcalá
   Oct. 31, 2013
NPH México’s Visitor and Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Alcalá, shares the story of how she arrived to work for the NPH Dominican Republic and México homes.
Mariney Ocampo
   May 17, 2013
Head of the International Sponsorship Department at NPH Mexico
Hugo Ocampo
   Feb. 26, 2013
A Story of Success
Danielle Greilich
   Nov. 22, 2012
Five Years of Love
Maestro Sergio
   Sep. 11, 2012
Dance and Middle School Physical Education Teacher
Bruni Caro
   Apr. 20, 2012
Head of Correspondence & Donations
Mineisi Gaona Mérida
   Dec. 21, 2011
Middle School Principal, Casa San Salvador
Julio González Ensastegui
   Sep. 6, 2011
House Director, Ciudad de los Niños in Matamoros


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