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Sep. 21, 2015
Teaching Music Is My Life
He has taught hundreds of little hands to make a beautiful sound.
Jun. 16, 2015
Working Towards Best Practices In Everything We Do
Former volunteer and new Family Services Coordinator Vera Hornung
Feb. 4, 2015
Why I came back to NPH
An older brother returns to work for NPH.
Oct. 16, 2014
Painting A Brighter Future For Our Children
Using art as therapy is a great way for our children to heal.
Jun. 30, 2014
Nourishing the Farm, Fields and Education of Our Children
Julio, the NPH Mexico Farm and Field Manager, puts his ideas into action in the home.
Mar. 19, 2014
Cooking With Care
Gonzala, the expert cook who loves her job and working with the high school kids in our Mexico home.
Oct. 31, 2013
Andrea Alcalá
NPH México’s Visitor and Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Alcalá, shares the story of how she arrived to work for the NPH Dominican Republic and México homes.
May 17, 2013
Mariney Ocampo
Head of the International Sponsorship Department at NPH Mexico

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Antonia with Bryan
(NPH Nicaragua - 2009)

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