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Why currency is so important
Mar. 4
When sending a gift to your sponsored child, please consider giving a cash donation instead. Just for the cost of postage from NZ to Central America, more than 27 pairs of quality briefs can be bought!
A Safe Haven
Mar. 4
NPH NZ Board Member, Lisa-Marie Richan reports on some of the highlights of her recent trip to an NPH summit in Honduras.
From humble beginnings, an international career!
Mar. 4
Former NPH pequeno takes modern Mexican eating to Asia and Europe.
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Malnutrition Program Saves Lives at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Apr. 10 - Haiti
The successful treatment of a malnourished toddler demonstrates the three phases of St. Damien’s malnutrition treatment program.
From Neighbor to a Valued Member of the Family
Apr. 9 - Nicaragua
Learn the story of Darich, who joined the NPH family as a university student.
Giving Back and Gaining Experience
Apr. 9 - Peru
During summer vacation, our young adults work ‘support hours,’ offering their time and talents to help in several areas of our NPH home. This year one of our young men offered his help in our garden and farm.
Continuously caring for our NPH family, no matter where they are
Mar. 16 - Guatemala
How NPH Guatemala is helping a young man through the complications of kidney stones.
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Seeking a Brilliant Future: Our Indigenous Children
Jan. 14 - Mexico
Vehicle for the NPH OneFamily Family Reintegration Program

Jan. 3 - Guatemala
Click to see this project on YouTube!
Support and Empower our Girls
Dec. 31 - Peru
Our Farm, a Way of Living
Dec. 31 - El Salvador
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