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Reasons to smile
Nov. 19
Generous Kiwi sponsor funds braces for 2 NPH Mexico children
"You will be a good doctor"
Oct. 7
Jackelin is a 23-year-old medical student
Update: Civil Unrest in Nicaragua
Jul. 8
Our family is safe
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Christmas Time in the Community
Nov. 19 - El Salvador
“For me, Christmas is a birthday celebration.” Get to know more about how one of our students we support in a neighboring community celebrates Christmas.
The Perfect Present
Nov. 18 - Honduras
After being reunited through the NPH OneFamily program, the Sanchez family makes the most of their Christmas by sharing the gift of presence.
A Comfy Christmas
Nov. 17 - Dominican Republic
How the concept of Christmas changed for Jonathan.
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Sponsor our Vocational Center
Nov. 6 - Honduras
Vehicle for the NPH OneFamily Family Reintegration Program

Oct. 22 - Guatemala
Click to see this project on YouTube!
Support Our Farm
Aug. 6 - Mexico
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