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Burying the dead in Haiti
Oct. 2
Haiti is in crisis, with the value of the dollar decreasing, fuel shortages, road blocks and fighting.
Celebrating her 50th during a crisis!
Sep. 24
Gena Heraty has spent more than 30 years looking after our most vulnerable children in Haiti. In the middle of the region's most recent crisis, she celebrated her 50th birthday.
NPH Latin Market is back raising funds for Haiti!
Sep. 9
Come along and join the fiesta! 3rd November, 3-7pm at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. We will be raising funds for our NPH family in Haiti who are struggling due to civil unrest in the country.
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St. Damien Saves One Child’s Life and Restores His Family’s Hope
Nov. 11 - Haiti
By providing affordable cancer care, NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital helps Eric recover from childhood leukemia and helps his parents save their home.
Baby Sofia Beats the Odds
Nov. 11 - Haiti
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital maternity and neonatology units worked together to save the life of baby Sofia. Born five weeks early with serious complications, today she thrives and grows stronger by the day.
NPH El Salvador: The Light That Changed My Life
Oct. 23 - El Salvador
Melvin says NPH El Salvador saved his life after he was abandoned at a young age by his parents. He now has his sights set on studying at university. Read how NPH breaks the cycle of poverty.
Rosa and Ricarda: From Poverty to Progress
Oct. 9 - Peru
NPH Peru watches on with pride as two of its newest family members continue to develop after a difficult start to life.
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Support and Empower our Girls
Jun. 3 - Peru
Seeking a Brilliant Future: Our Indigenous Children
Jan. 14 - Mexico
Our Farm, a Way of Living
Dec. 31 - El Salvador
NPH Youth Development Programs
Apr. 16 - Mexico
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