Our young people helping with relief efforts

Annabelle Pierre, who is studying physiotherapy at university thanks to NPH, is on the ground in Les Cayes after the earthquake.

Annabelle still feels anxious and stressed each time she feels an aftershock as she recalls the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which struck Haiti on the 14th of August. Annabelle was asked to join a group of physiotherapy and occupational therapy students to help following the aftermath of the earthquake. The group was able to arrive in Les Cayes, a badly impacted city in the South of the country, on Monday the 16th of August.

The team arrived during a very difficult night when a tropical storm was passing over. Many people didn’t have shelter, or were too afraid to sleep indoors. “There were many pregnant women with children in a very difficult situation,” Annabelle recalls.

By Wednesday morning the storm had passed and Annabelle and her group were able to get to work, helping people injured by the earthquake and storm. The team were able to give out hygiene packs, water and food to people who desperately needed it. Once basic needs were sorted, the team got to work dressing wounds and assessing injuries.

As wounds were dressed, many stories were shared about loved ones lost, homes destroyed and people sleeping out in the open. Annabelle was able to relate to the heartbreaking stories that she heard. As a young girl her parents both passed away from an illness during the same year, leaving her orphaned. Fortunately she came to live at the NPH home in the tranquil hills of Kenscoff, not far from Haiti’s capital.

Annabelle recognises that growing up at NPH helped prepare her for this moment. “NPH helped develop my leadership and sense of responsibility towards helping others in need. I also have what it takes to work in a team and use humour during a challenging time.”

Annabelle recognises that the needs are great and that help is not getting through fast enough. People are in need of food, water, shelter and hygiene kits. The situation is desperate, but those affected have hope that help will arrive.

Churches, homes and businesses have been destroyed by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

If you’re able to help our Haiti earthquake appeal, please donate today. Your funds will be used to help rebuild the homes and livelihoods of 150 families in Les Cayes and Jeremie. Thank you!