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Aug. 19
Ensuring education remains a priority Keeping children in school is key to breaking the cycle of poverty
Aug. 1
Former NPH pequeno takes leadership role Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services


Jul. 7
Taking extra steps Enabling more through generosity of NZ sponsors


Jun. 17
A successful philosophy We share NPH founder, Father Wasson's leadership philosophy


May 14
More than just a home NPH helps strengthen families and communities through its outreach programmes
May 5
Striving to provide the essentials Clean drinking water for our NPH Mexico kids
May 5
A constant struggle but worthy work Farm challenges at NPH Bolivia's agricultural programme
May 5
Beyond our wildest dreams! Special Olympics success for Haiti contestants


Mar. 4
Why currency is so important When sending a gift to your sponsored child, please consider giving a cash donation instead. Just for the cost of postage from NZ to Central America, more than 27 pairs of quality briefs can be bought!
Mar. 4
From humble beginnings, an international career! Former NPH pequeno takes modern Mexican eating to Asia and Europe.
Mar. 4
A Safe Haven NPH NZ Board Member, Lisa-Marie Richan reports on some of the highlights of her recent trip to an NPH summit in Honduras.
Mar. 1
Real Change Really Happens Having learnt Spanish and graduated high school with NPH Mexico, Lucy is a young woman on a mission to give back and ultimately to provide healthcare for her indigeneous Mixteco people.


Feb. 21
NPH Community Outreach Reaching Out To Families in Need
Feb. 21
Stability engenders success! NPH Haiti youth credits NPH sponsors and staff with enabling to reach for his dreams.


Jan. 16
Our Abuelos Providing the depth, wisdom, life and joy that only age can bring.
Jan. 1
Amazing opportunity at sea Four young NPH graduates take up internships on a European cruise-ship




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