Leave a Gift in your Will

Our Guardian Angels

Thanks to many people who have left gifts in their wills, NPH has been able to help over 20,000 vulnerable children and families since 1954. These generous people are our Guardian Angels!

Why leave a gift in your will to NPH New Zealand?

The greatest gift is one that will live on for years after you.

Keep on supporting

By leaving a gift in your will, you’re able to continue supporting the vulnerable children and families that NPH New Zealand serves.

The good news is that including a charity in your will is just as easy as providing for your loved ones. It can be as much or as little as you want.

Be the difference

You don’t have to be rich or famous to make a difference. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you can help make a difference in the lives of our children by including NPH New Zealand in your will.

Leave a memory

Including NPH New Zealand in your will is a way to bring dignity, meaning and purpose to a life well lived. It’s a way to continue supporting the children that you’ve helped during your lifetime, or perhaps a chance to help when you were unable to support in the past. You, and your values, beliefs and generous philanthropic role modelling, will live on in the memories of those you support.

Give back

Perhaps you were supported by an amazing organisation, friend or family member during your life. Perhaps you were unable to give back as generously as you would have liked. Leaving a gift in your will is a great way to ensure that the vital work of NPH New Zealand carries on to support others in times of need.  

If you are considering becoming a Guardian Angel please get in touch. We would love to send you a bequest guide and answer any questions that you have.

Our Guardian Angels!

We feel very good about our decision to include NPH as one of our principal beneficiaries in our will. We have personally witnessed hundreds of ‘real stories’ telling about how the lives of high-risk children have been transformed – becoming good citizens and change-agents in their own countries.

– Pat and Julie Callahan
“Having been supporters for two decades, we are firm believers in both the huge need for NPH and its wonderful record in changing the lives of thousands of children. That’s why we decided to include NPH in our wills – so our help will continue to support their tremendous work.”
– Ray & Mary Waldmann

How can I leave a gift in my will?

Your solicitor will need to make the necessary changes to your will and they may like to use the following paragraph drafted for this purpose:

“I, (name), of (address) give and bequeath to NPH New Zealand Charitable Trust Board $______(written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property) free of all charges and duties for its general use and purpose. I declare that the receipt of the Executive Director or other Officer of NPH New Zealand Charitable Trust shall be sufficient discharge for my trustees in respect of such payment.”

NPH New Zealand is a registered charity, with the principal business address of Level 3, 159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622. Our registered charity number is CC48254.