Loren’s story

Loren O’Sullivan grew up on the North Shore in Auckland. After studying to be a teacher she decided that she wanted to do something to help children in need. This desire led her to volunteer for two years at NPH Honduras, teaching English and caring for the babies.

Towards the end of her volunteer experience, Loren realised that she could continue to help the NPH children by raising funds for them in New Zealand.

Loren is now the Director of NPH New Zealand (its only employee). Loren would love to tell you more about NPH if you have any questions. Feel free to get in touch.

Aurora’s story

Aurora shares how difficult life was before joining our NPH family in Mexico.

Aurora is now a senior financial analyst. She wants to give back and help her NPH family by sponsoring a child at NPH Mexico.

Merlin’s story

Merlin Antunez vowed that he wanted to be a doctor after his father battled with Parkinsons and two of his siblings pass away. Acute poverty lay at the foundation of this family’s problems, including no access to medical care. Merlin and his siblings joined our NPH family when he was a young boy. His desire to be a doctor became a goal rather than a dream.

Dr. Merlin is now the head of our surgery centre in Honduras, helping families in need.

Fr. Rick Frechette

Medical doctor and priest, Fr. Rick founded our NPH children’s home in Haiti in 1987. He worked with the Sisters of Charity to set up a children’s hospice, ‘St Damien’ for children with HIV/AIDS. Wanting to find medical solutions for these children, Fr. Rick decided to study to become a doctor in his mid-40s.

As a doctor and astute fundraiser Fr. Rick was able to open our St Damien Paediatric hospital in Haiti in 2006. This is the only children’s hospital in the whole country.

Watch this video to hear Fr. Rick’s story and the story of the NPH family in Haiti.

Please consider making a donation to the St. Damien Hospital to support its ongoing effort to save lives: