NPH Christmas Gifts

Thank you for helping our NPH kids this Christmas. Please select a gift/s from the list below and we will send you an e-card or physical card so you can gift this to a friend!

The Gift of Health

A hygiene pack with masks, hand sanitiser and soap for a child.

$30 to keep a child healthy

The Gift of Learning

A homeschooling workbook for a child.

$20 to keep a child learning

The Gift of a Full Stomach

A month’s supply of fruit for a child

$40 to feed a child

The Gift of Confidence

‘Powerful Girls’ classes for one of our girls.

$50 to give self-confidence to a girl

The Gift of Security

A care package for a struggling family in the community.

$90 to give a family some security

The Gift of Peace

A counselling session for a child.

$15 to give a child peace of mind

The Gift of Life

A week’s stay for a sick child at our children’s hospital.

$70 to help save a child’s life

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift and special meal for a child.

$35 to give the joy of Christmas to a child

Something else to consider

Our Children’s Hospital

Support the life-saving work of our children’s hospital in Haiti. Be a Lifesaver from just $15 per month.

If you’re already a Lifesaver, thank you! Are you able to increase your donations by $5 per month? If so, you’ll help us save the lives of more children.

Thank you!

Help us reach more children

As a sponsor / monthly donor you help provide much needed food, education and healthcare to all the children. Sponsor a child ($40 per month) or contribute monthly (any amount) and make a lasting difference to our kids.

If you already give on a monthly basis, thank you! Are you able to increase your donations by $10 per month? If so, you’ll help us reach more children
and families in need.

Thank you!

*Please note: Costs are average prices across the 9 countries where we work. Your gift will be given where the need is greatest.

NPH helps vulnerable children and families in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.