Home for Christmas

Last Christmas Meyci and her family were in a very difficult situation. They were living with family after their home was destroyed during November’s devastating hurricanes. This Christmas, thanks to NPH, Meyci’s family will be enjoying Christmas dinner in their brand new home.

Meyci, her three children and husband live one and a half hour’s drive away from the NPH Ranch in Honduras, in a district called La Lima. Last November’s hurricanes affected over half of Honduras’ population of 8 million people. Sadly, 62,000 people faced serious damage to their homes, and such is the case for Meyci’s family (CEPAL).

On the afternoon of the hurricane, Meyci and her children were visiting the local church to pray that the storm would pass quickly. Her husband was visiting his sister, trying to help her with the flood waters entering her home. That evening when the family returned home they were shocked to see that their home had collapsed. Their neighbours had been searching for them in the rubble and were relieved to see them. Fortunately no one was hurt, but it was certainly a big shock for everyone.

Meyci’s husband Rafael works in agriculture and his income is low and unpredictable. The family make $11 a day at most, certainly not enough to build a new home which costs approximately $12,000. Meyci reached out to NPH to ask for help. After assessing the damage to their home, NPH decided to help them. So far 11 families have benefitted from new homes thanks to NPH’s disaster relief fund.

Meyci and her family got on board with helping the masons to construct the home. They were very much a part of the project and so grateful to receive a new home made of concrete blocks and a zinc iron roof. In spite of recovering from a recent surgery, Rafael turned up to the building site every day to help out as much as he could.

Realising that hurricanes are likely to continue in the region, the home has been built to withstand any future landslides. The new home is a lot more solid, warm and dry. Their previous home was a small wooden home with a kitchen and small living room where they all slept. When it rained, the water would often run down the walls and make the dirt floor muddy.

NPH wants to help Meyci’s family get back on their feet. NPH’s community outreach coordinator, Farid Morel says, “We are considering including this family in a coffee making project, to help give them some extra income.”

Meyci is so grateful for NPH’s help. She says, ”Now we feel happy. We sleep well and don’t get wet. We don’t feel cold, we are always warm. Last Christmas was cold but this year will be different. This year my mum will come celebrate Christmas with us in our new home.”