Our Christmas stories

Below you can read our Christmas stories from each of the 9 countries that we work in.

*All names below are alias to protect privacy.


The kids at NPH Peru are excited about Christmas after a difficult year. Elvis was the first child at our home and can remember the first NPH Christmas party. He shares the challenges he’s faced this year as a university student.

Dominican Republic

The kids in the Dominican Republic have been busy getting ready for Christmas. Hernando is excited to spend his second Christmas at NPH, alongside his siblings.


Maribel is looking feeling excited about 2021 as she’ll be starting her university degree and spending more time with her biological family. Read Maribel’s story here.


Our kids in Mexico are really looking forward to Christmas this year. For one of our girls, Marlen, it will be her first Christmas with us.


Wendy’s students have been helping her decorate her Montessori classroom. She understand their excitement as Christmas approaches because she was once one of them – she grew up at NPH Honduras. Read Wendy’s story here.


Christmas is a time of great joy in Haiti, a country that struggles with many crises, not just Covid19. Read Annabelle’s story to understand how NPH brings Christmas joy to children who have come from very difficult backgrounds.

St Damien Paediatric Hospital

The parents of sick children at our St Damien Paediatric Hospital will welcome some Christmas cheer as they pray for their child’s health. Read Carmite’s story to see how her son Bobbi is doing.


A big Merry Christmas from our vegetable garden in Guatemala. Our young adults and staff are busy harvesting fruit and vegetables from our farm, in preparation for a big Christmas feast!

One of our kids, Belen, explains why she loves the Christmas holidays at NPH Guatemala.

El Salvador

Our kids and young adults at NPH El Salvador are enjoying getting ready for Christmas this year. Marie, one of our university students, shares what she likes most about Christmas.


Our university students above wish you a very Merry Christmas. Our programs in Nicaragua have changed this year to focus more on community outreach. As such, the children will be spending Christmas with their biological families, blessed with the financial and emotional support of the NPH family. Read Juan’s story to get an idea of how our OneFamily programme enables children to live with the families and enjoy Christmas together.