NPH Peru

Schooling –   Due to Government restrictions the children are being home-schooled. They are taught in their respective houses via laptops and mobile phones. KingsWay School has given over $2000 to support technology for our kids in Peru.

University Students. Our students are taking classes and exams online.

Fun activities: Our kids have been enjoying some fun leisure activities.

Other highlights: A dentist recently checked all of the children’s teeth at our NPH home in Peru.

NPH Nicaragua

Schooling – Nicaragua has faced rising cases of Covid19 which means we have had to implement some homeschooling. Primary school students attend Monday to Tuesday and High School students from Wednesday to Friday.

Fun activities: The children enjoyed a clown and some other special treats and activities for Children’s Day.

Good Samaritan: This programme helps children with disabilities and their families. Here is a recent photo of a girl who is improving her ability to walk, thanks to help from our physiotherapists.

NPH El Salvador

Classes – The children in our home are attending classes on Tuesday and Thursday. On the other 3 days they study from home.

Community Children – Children in the scholarship program attend school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are broken into groups so that social distancing is maintained and are able to return to the normality of being taught in live classes.

Fun activities: Our kids enjoyed some fun activities for Godparents Day such as learning how to make balloon creations, bracelets and cooling off in a paddling pool.

NPH Honduras

Classes. The children living at NPH are receiving their schooling at the primary school and middle school, which are on the property. They are attending face to face classes, which are continuing as normal.

Community: Our San Jose Community centre recently enjoyed a day of fun educational activities for the children.

Emergency relief: NPH Honduras has started the construction of a home for a family who lost everything during the hurricanes in November. This is in the community of La Lima.

University Students. University students are receiving their classes online.

NPH Bolivia

Classes. The boys and girls of primary school age have face to face classes Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 8am till midday at the school on our property. High school students attend classes at Milena Paz Antelo II High School on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 1 to 3pm.

Special activities – The children have been receiving some special dance and single lessons during the month of June.

NPH Dominican Republic

Classes: The children are studying via homeschooling.The classes are virtual and are being delivered satisfactorily via TV broadcasts and exercise booklets as provided by the Ministry of Education. As well there is a homework room with computers available to support their learning. The teaching staff also support the children with distance learning, checking that they are understanding the concepts.

Community Children. These children live close by the NPH home and are currently receiving tutoring in small groups in their community. They have recently been able to come back on our property to celebrate a birthday parties.

University Students Currently these students are taking their classes virtually.

NPH Staff Staff are working normally, adopting all measures by health authorities.

NPH Haiti

School There has been a recent spike in Covid19 cases so we have been taking extra precautions at our schools, but we are not shutting them for now.

Other activities: Before the Covid19 cases increased we were able to celebrate the First Holy communions at our children’s home and at our community school.

St Damien Paediatric Hospital

Our 224 bed hospital continues to take in sick children, babies and pregnant women. Our staff are working 24 hour shifts. You can read more here about the difficulties our hospital faces due to the insecurity within the country.

Our ambulance tries to avoid burning barricades.

NPH Mexico


We have a smaller children’s home in the city of Matamoros (border town with USA). We celebrated the graduations of our high school and primary school students during the month of June. We also celebrated the children who are turning 15 this year as this is an important milestone in Latin America.

Training for our staff: Our staff recently participated in an virtual workshop about sexual abuse prevention for young people and adolescents. Staff in all our programmes are regularly trained in new research and techniques to ensure childcare standards are in line with the UN Convention on the ‘Rights of the child.’

Morelos – (Our main homes are found in the State of Morelos, 2 hours from Mexico city).

Children. Since the beginning of the school year the children have been studying at our school on the property. Classes are now in-person. Our university students in Monterrey are studying online.

Our farm: On our large property in Miacatlan we produce much of the food for the children we care for. This includes tomatoes, cucumber (in our greenhouses) and we recently planted corn in our fields. One of our three greenhouses was damaged in a storm at the end of May. A New Zealander kindly donated to these repairs and it has been fixed.

NPH Guatemala

Children: The children at our home are back to school with face-to-face classes 5 days a week. Safety measures are taken to prevent Covid19 from spreading.

Community students: Our daycare children have started back on-site, which is great news! When Covid19 hit we thought we might have to close this programme, but fortunately we have received some extra funding.

Our primary and secondary community students are still studying from home, with some one-on-one tutoring in a community space in the neighbouring town of Parramos. Food parcels and other support are being given to families who need it.