NPH Peru

Schooling –   The school year started on the 15th of March for the boys and girls at our home in Peru. Due to Government restrictions the children are being home-schooled. They are taught in their respective houses via laptops and mobile phones. At NPH Peru we recently received a donation of second hand laptops from a company called Rivulus, who have also been helping us with our agricultural projects at the home.

NPH OneFamily – The children who have been integrated with their families are in our OneFamily programme. They are being visited by one of our social workers once a month.

University Students. Our students have started their courses for this year and are taking online classes.

NPH Staff – After almost twenty days of quarantine, most of the staff returned to work twice a week at Casa Santa Rosa with strict sanity protocols. Our town of Cañete is considered as an extreme risk region, so we continue with some sanity control measures until May 9th.

Agriculture: Our agricultural projects are going well at NPH Peru, to enable us to provide food for our children. We have chickens, guinea pigs, pigs and a large range of crops which help contribute to the meals of nearly 100 children and young people.

Other highlights: 6 children who need reading glasses have received these.

NPH Nicaragua

Schooling – Our school which caters to children in the community started classes on the 1st of February. Currently our university students are helping with classes at our school, Casa Padre Wasson. We are using masks and other measurs to keep the students and academic staff safe.

Our vocational classes are also continuing at the moment.

NPH OneFamily – The children who have been reintegrated with their families and are being supported by NPH are receiving monthly visits from our social workers.

University Students. Students are attending their courses. How they are able to study depends on the the University they are enrolled at. For example, those enrolled at UNAN-Managua ( a public university ) attend twice a week. Others have a mix, classes online and then live classes. The method delivery varies from university to university.

NPH Staff. NPH Staff are working normally. Those who live far away stay on our property during the week and others travel to and from our school every day.

NPH El Salvador

Classes – The children in our home are attending classes on Tuesday and Thursday. On the other 3 days they study from home.

Community Children – Children in the scholarship program attend school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They study from home on Tuesday and Thursday. They are broken into groups so that social distancing is maintained and are able to return to the normality of being taught in live classes. All children wear face masks. Hand sanitiser is placed in each classroom and a schedule to promote frequent hand washing is in place.

University Students – All University students are receiving their classes via online lectures. It is hoped that live classes will begin in the second half of this year, which starts in July.

NPH Staff – All NPH Staff in Salvador are working Monday to Fridays from 8am to 5pm one our property, while following health protocols.

Our community daycare students are back after one year of homeschooling.

NPH Honduras

Classes. The children living at NPH are receiving their schooling at the primary school and middle school, which are on the property. They are attending face to face classes, which are continuing as normal. We recently received a visit from the Secretary of Education who evaluated the performance of our students. The result was that our school was given classified as a ‘high performing school.’

Recreation: During the Easter break we were able to take our under 10 year olds to the beach. The older boys and girls also took separate trips to a private swimming pool. These annual trips were cancelled last year, so it was a really exciting time for our kids.

Community Children. Our community students have not been able to come on to our NPH property since last year. Our Little Steps preschool has changed location and will reopen soon. Last year we started a new project, called the San Jose Community Centre in Mata de Platano, a small rural town. Our centre helps children and families to gain access to tutoring, counselling, therapy, food packages, planting programmes, and women’s empowerment programmes.

University Students. University students are receiving their classes online.

NPH Staff. NPH staff are coming to work normally every day. They are also taking the required biosecurity measures and are submitting a Covid-19 antigen test weekly.

Other activities: A new home has been inaugurated on the Ranch for girls who need extra support and attention as they have behavioural issues.

NPH Bolivia

Classes. The boys and girls of primary school age have face to face classes Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 8am till midday at the school on our property. High school students attend classes at Milena Paz Antelo II High School on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 1 to 3pm. The  school is located 5 minutes from the home. The bus we have is responsible for taking them to and bringing them back from there. The classes at this school are purely for secondary school aged children from our home and they do not have any contact with other students from the nearby community.

Special activities – On the 12th of April we celebrated National Children’s day with some fun activities at our home.

University Students. The University program has had a 20% decrease in budget funding in order to closely fit to the needs of the students we currently have participating. At the moment this number is 17 young men and women. They are taking virtual classes due to Covid19. Three of the students are reaching the end of their university studies.

NPH Staff. Staff that currently work as caregivers have had a decrease in the days that they are on duty and days off.
Before being able to enter the home, our health section conducts a phone interview to check if the person has any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with a Covid infected person. A bus is then sent to their home that picks them up all up for duty. On arrival at NPH, a rapid Covid19 test is also taken.

Agriculture: Our barn was recently inaugurated as we recently started a dairy project at a home so that we can have fresh milk and cheese for the kids.

NPH Dominican Republic

Classes. Children started their school year in November 2020. The classes are virtual and are being delivered satisfactorily via TV broadcasts and exercise booklets as provided by the Ministry of Education. As well there is a homework room with computers available to support their learning. The teaching staff also support the children with distance learning, checking that they are understanding the concepts.

Community Children. These children live close by the NPH home and are currently receiving tutoring in small groups in their community. Due to restrictive measures implemented in March 2020 it has not been possible for the community based children to meet and mix with those living at the NPH home. As soon as Government agencies allows such contact, they shall be resumed.

University Students. Currently these students are taking their classes virtually.

NPH Staff. Staff are working normally, adopting all measures by health authorities.

NPH Haiti

School. All children are having face to face classes. They were on Easter holidays from March 26th till April 2nd. They returned to school on Monday April 5th.

Community Programme. It’s easier for us to have access to them when they are at school and partake in their formal education. Due to the security situation in Haiti have faced some disruptions this year. It is highly dependent on where they are living outside of the capital, and how tense is the situation in the community where they are at.

University Students. They are continuing to study normally, with in-person classes.

St Damien Paediatric Hospital. Our 224 bed hospital continues to take in sick children, babies and pregnant women. Read the latest story from our hospital about how we saved baby Armani’s life. Please get in touch if you’d like a copy of the film Land of High Mountains. This was filmed at our children’s hospital in 2019 but has recently become available for us online.

NPH Staff.  Staff are working normally.

NPH Mexico

Casa San Luis in Monterrey
Director of accommodation for our university students: Jesús Velásques Prado

For a year now, our students enrolled at universities continue to attend classes daily albeit virtually. Fortunately these classes have not been suspended. They are currently using the areas designated as computer labs, the dining rooms and our our offices. For our new intake of students attending the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UALN) we have installed access to the internet in our chapel. Thus those enrolled in the Bachelor of Architecture degree have a better space to work for their classes.

We recently celebrated the graduation of 9 university students.

Staff. We continue to work as before and follow all the health guidelines.

Matamoros (children’s home in town bordering the USA).

Children. Have been attending virtual classes virtually since September 14th. They are using computer equipment we have at the home.

Staff. All staff always follow hygiene measures and wear face masks in order to safeguard the health of our children.

Other activities: A small pool was recently loaned to our home and our kids had a lot of fun playing in it!

Miacatlán – (Children’s home 2 hours from Mexico city with preschool to middle school children)

Children. Since the beginning of the school year the children have been studying at our school on the property.

Staff. We are all working normally on our daily duties as required. Covid19 tests and protocols are in place.

Other activities Our children recently helped out with fishing the tilapia fish on our property.

Cuernavaca – (Home for High School students, 1 hour from Mexico city)

Children. Students are attending classes at the home with teachers in attendance all week. Both teachers and students are required to wear face masks. The start of the second semester was in February. They have just had two weeks of Easter holidays and the semester finishes in July, culminating in graduations.

Staff. Staff at the home are working normally and we are fortunate that the caregivers are living within NPH facility. The cook is also living in our facilities. This shall continue until we are given a green light by the health authorities.

Other activities: Our high school students recently joined our University students via video conference to congratulate our 9 graduates.

NPH Guatemala

Children: The children at our home are back to school with in-person classes 5 days a week. Safety measures are taken to prevent Covid19 from spreading.

Community students: Our community students are still studying from home, with some one-on-one tutoring in a community space in the neighbouring town of Parramos. Food parcels and other support are being given to families who need it.

Other activities: During the Easter holidays the children participated in fun activities such as a volleyball tournament, reptile show, and a children’s musical theatre group also performed for our kids. We were also able to treat the children who live in our home to a special trip to the beach.