Earthquake stories

At NPH we hope to bring you stories about real people in challenging situations, and how we are providing the tools to change their lives.

There’s no better story to showcase than that of Jean Max.

Testimonial from Jean Max 

Jean Max is a young radiologist who studied medicine with a specialty in radiology with a scholarship thanks to NPH Haiti, with funds received during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Jean Max was determined to help his country, so he decided to study at one of the few universities left standing in Port-au-Prince after this humanitarian catastrophe. 

Jean has been working as a radiologist in Port-au-Prince for a few years now. He works at the NPH St. Damien Paediatric hospital, interpreting and providing diagnoses in maternity and gynecology, among other areas. He is happy to be able to contribute to improving living conditions in his country.  

Jean Max, alumni of NPH, is now a radiologist at our St Damien Paediatric Hospital

Jean Max has experienced what many Haitians have experienced after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which hit Haiti on the 14th of August. He felt the sudden anguish, not knowing if his family living in the southwest of the country had survived the earthquake. With relatives both in Les Cayes and in the rural surroundings, close to the epicentre, Jean was initially very concerned for their safety.  

The first news he received was that his aunt and uncle had lost their home, as well as their personal belongings, all that they had worked hard for during their lives. He then received the sad news that one of his uncles had passed away.

A few days later, Jean Max decided to go with a cousin and an uncle to the South to visit and support his family. However a gang controlling the route didn’t let them pass.

After contacting his family by phone, he was able to see from the images sent to him via WhatsApp that his family has lost everything: their home, belongings and animals.

Jean Max’s family home, and most homes in their village have been destroyed.

They need a shelter where they can live and be protected from tropical storms, sheets, a new home and everything they need to rebuild their lives. Emotionally they are struggling, having also lost a loved one in the earthquake. The aftershocks are bringing up traumatic memories for the family.

They are surviving in the countryside, in the area of Perenie, an area far from the eyes of the international press and international aid.

Jean Max’s family in the South of the country, close to the earthquake’s epicentre.

Jean Max would like to help his family members as best as he can. Of course, with so many family members having lost so much, his salary will not be enough to make a lasting change for them all. Jean Max has reached out to NPH to ask them to help his family. Five staff members from NPH are currently in the South of the country, giving aid to families like Jean Max. NPH Haiti hopes to be able to help Jean Max’s family rebuild their home and their livelihoods.

With your help we can rebuild the homes and livelihoods of families who have lost everything during the earthquake.