Open Home – NPH Mexico

When: Wednesday 22th of July

Where: Zoom – (Register below to receive the link)

What: A conversation and Q and A with National Director of NPH Mexico, Rafael Bermudez.


Rafael Bermudez
National Director, NPH Mexico

When I was 5 years old, I arrived at NPH with five of my 12 siblings. At NPH, I finished my Elementary and Middle School education and gave my first year of service as Father Phil Cleary’s assistant. After completing my year of service, I studied English in Yarnell, Arizona. Later, I attended High School in Chicago and stayed with a family that I dearly love the Kelly’s. I was able to go to Andrew College in the small town of Cuthbert, Georgia for two years thanks to a soccer scholarship before going to the University of Saint Thomas in Miami. From there I gave a second year of service in Honduras. I cherished my experience at NPH Honduras so much that I stayed for ten years. At that point, God, Father Wasson, and Father Phil Cleary were training me in many leadership areas so in the future I would be ready to serve my family. I worked with special needs children, became Coordinator of Visitors and Volunteers, Director of the Sponsorship Department, and started the program for the first pequeños to study High School in the Capital, Tegucigalpa. I became their Legal Guardian in my position as their Elder Brother.

My experience working with the Honduran pequeños taught me so much about caring for children and understanding the importance of Godparents in their lives. During my stay, I met my wife Claudia who was a pequeña at NPH Honduras. We were blessed with three wonderful children: Jordan, Katherine, and Stephany. In 2020, we returned to NPH Mexico and I began working as Father Phil’s Administrative Assistant and continued to develop my skills. In 2004, the Executive Committee including Fr. Wasson selected me among five Elder Brothers to become National Director.

I thank God every day because I was blessed to arrive at NPH. I also thank all of the sponsors and benefactors that continue to make a difference in the lives of the Pequeños. Without people like them, I do not know where so many vulnerable children, including myself would be today.

Once again, thank you for your continued support to so many pequeños in the nine NPH homes in the world. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Series Host

Casey Guevara-Lehker
Director, International Engagement and Executive Office, NPH USA

Casey has been a member of the NPH family since 2015 when he visited NPH El Salvador and became a godparent. Since then, Casey has able to visit several of the NPH homes where he developed strong ties with both children and staff.

Casey is focused and committed to improving the lives of children and families in Central and South America. Casey is also a strong advocate for the role of culturally immersive international travel as a way of broadening lives and learning values to become global citizens. His current role allows him to promote both of these ideals.

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