2421 Kaipara Coast Highway, RD 4, Warkworth, 0984, New Zealand

Visitor Terms of Access

1.       Access to Gibbs Farm is by appointment only and is between 10 am and 2 pm on the notified day.

2.       A Farm representative will meet you at the Farm entrance, 2421 Kaipara Coast Highway, to allow access and orientation.

3.       It is essential you bring your email booking confirmation with your QR Code.

4.       A Gibbs Farm Guide booklet will be provided on arrival as a guide for sculpture identification and location, along with clarification of areas open to visitors.

5.       As an operational Farm, Gibbs Farm has several areas that are potentially hazardous to your health and safety. 

          Please note the following…

•        Farm machinery – keep clear of all vehicles and machinery whether moving or not.

•        Animals – please do not feed or chase animals that are fenced or those that are roaming free. You may be able to feed the giraffe providing our staff are on hand to supervise the activity.

•        Uneven surfaces – when walking please be aware of the natural surroundings, including water hazards, steep slopes, slippery loose and uneven surfaces.

•        Fences – treat all fencing as being electrified.

•        Water hazards – keep clear of lake edges and take care when crossing bridges over water.

•        Pest traps and Bait stations – Keep clear of these as they may injure or contain poisonous material.

6.       Please adhere to all signage, and do not climb on artworks.

7.       Toilets are provided and clearly marked on the map within the Gibbs Farm Guide booklet. All other buildings are private and are not to be entered.

8.       Gibbs Farm contains several animals that roam free. Please do not feed or chase them.

9.       No animals or domestic pets are allowed – believe it or not, this includes dogs!

10.     Please do not climb on or into any sculptures.

11.     Please remove all rubbish.

12.     Alcohol is not allowed.

13.     Photography is allowed.

14.     Please keep driving speeds below 25 km per hour.

15.     Access to all artworks is on foot, unless prior arrangements have been made with the General Manager.

16.     Visits are not weather dependent.

17.     Good walking shoes are necessary as the farm is a 3-4 hour walking experience.

18.     The use of drones is prohibited on Gibbs Farm.


In the event of an accident or health emergency, please contact one of our staff on Quad Bikes. They have access to First Aid kits and a Defibrillator. In the unlikely event of a Farm wide emergency, please return to your vehicle.

Have a safe and enjoyable day!