Gifts from the heart!

Please select a gift/s from the list below and we will send you an e-card or physical card so you can give this to a friend! A great gift idea for someone who has a big heart.

The Gift of Health

A hygiene pack with masks, hand sanitiser and soap for a child.

$30 to keep a child healthy

The Gift of Learning

A homeschooling workbook for a child.

$20 to keep a child learning

The Gift of a Full Stomach

A month’s supply of fruit for a child

$40 to feed a child

The Gift of Confidence

‘Powerful Girls’ classes for one of our girls.

$50 to give self-confidence to a girl

The Gift of Security

A care package for a struggling family in the community.

$90 to give a family some security

The Gift of Peace

A counselling session for a child.

$15 to give a child peace of mind

The Gift of Life

A week’s stay for a sick child at our children’s hospital.

$70 to help save a child’s life

A Birthday Gift

A birthday gift and treat for a child.

$35 to give birthday joy to a child

*Funds are designated to these projects above. However, if funds are more urgently needed for a different project, they will be used that way. Due to financial constraints caused by the pandemic, we want to be able to allocate funds where most urgently needed. Thank you!