Earthquake hits Haiti

On Saturday the 14th of August, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the Southern peninsular of Haiti. Fortunately our children’s hospital was not damaged, although our staff and patients did feel the earthquake and aftershocks. The Director of our St Damien Paediatric Hospital, Dr. Jacqueline Gautier says,

“St. Damien hospital is preparing for an increase in patients. In crisis situations like this, we always see an influx because we are the only children’s hospital.”

For more details about the earthquake and NPH’s relief response, read here.

Lives Saved

Margareth and her baby Gary were saved thanks to our maternity and neonatalogy wards at St Damien Paediatric Hospital. Unexpectedly pregnant and with little family support, Margareth went into labour prematurely which could have been a dangerous situation for her. Fortunately she was brought to our hospital.

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Our Staff work 24-hour shifts

As Haiti’s security situation becomes more volatile, our staff have no choice but to work 24-hour shifts at our paediatric hospital. The stress of the situation is affecting the staff, while impeding children from receiving the medical care that they need.

Since Haiti’s President was assassinated on the 7th of July 2021 the situation has become even more precarious with petrol and fuel prices rising.

You can listen to our Director, Dr Jacqueline Gautier, as she tells us about the challenges she faces leading Haiti’s only Paediatric Hospital at such a tumultuous time.

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Surgery Saves Newborn

28-year-old Erica gave birth to a premature baby at our St Damien Paediatric Hospital. The baby needed immediate surgery to save his life.

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A chance to live with dignity

Sebastien has been given a chance to live with dignity thanks to St Damien’s ‘Fish Room’. The Fish Room is home to 12 children with special needs who have been abandoned by their families.

Find out how NPH is caring for Sebastien and his friends.