Joining forces with MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises and NPH have joined forces to create exciting work opportunities for 12 young adults from NPH Dominican Republic and 1 from NPH El Salvador. The collaboration will enable the young people to utilise the skills and talents provided by NPH, in a professional environment with one of the world’s top cruise-liners.

The 13 NPH youth will be able to focus their skills in various important functions on the liners, such as customer service, hospitality and catering. One of those skills they will need is English, an area that all the participants have been working hard to develop in order for them to enter the job market. Through demonstrating their talents in rounds of interviews and tests, they will set sail on staggered dates from December 2022 onwards, traveling to various destinations around world for up to 8 months at time, with the possibility of renewing their contracts in the future.

Our successful NPH youth with Director Kieran Rigney at the MSC office in Santo Domingo

Youth empowerment and independence are vital cornerstones to NPH’s philosophy, ensuring that youth who originally arrived at NPH from at-risk situations are prepared for life. One of the key areas of this includes providing access to appropriate vocational and employable skills training to help young adults have greater success in today’s competitive job market.

Eduardo Echavarria, 25-years old, who grew up with NPH Dominican Republic and was previously the University Students Coordinator, played a key role in coordinating the collaboration with MSC Cruises. He has supported with the administration of visas, contracts and ensured the participants are fully prepared for their journey ahead. He recently began his own contract with MSC and is currently on a cruise heading for South America.

Eduardo says, “I have been working closely with MSC for some time. I am proud to see my fellow NPH brothers and sisters about to embark on this amazing opportunity. This will hopefully launch many of their careers, and provide them with vital employment experience for the future.”

This is not the first time that NPH Dominican Republic and MSC Cruises have collaborated. The connection began in 2018, when 4 of our former students worked for a season on the ships. Two ex-alumni have since found permanent employment in the leisure and tourism industry in Rio de Janeiro and Dubai respectively. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic meant the program had to be postponed, but thanks to persistence and dedication from both NPH Dominican Republic and MSC, we have been able to join forces once again.

Kieran Rigney, National Director of NPH Dominican Republic, says, “I am happy for these young adults who came out of NPH and are now adults. They grew up in our home with great values and with the philosophy of Father Wasson. Right now, they have the opportunity of a lifetime to work on MSC cruise ships. It fills me with great satisfaction to see how each one of them are reaching their dreams.”

Jorge ­­­­­­­­Zimbello, Managing Director of MSC Santo Domingo, is also excited about this collaboration. “I feel proud for this group of young people who are going to undertake a great journey on our cruise ships. It will not be an easy job and they will be away from their families for a while, but the reward in the end will be worth it. I still know they have many goals and dreams to accomplish and I hope they do as well as the previous group.”

The participants are:

From NPH Dominican Republic: Wislina Ramírez, Amauri Mena, Ricardo Echavarria, Eduardo Echavarria, Lucel Luis Jaques, Yonelvin Manuel Bonet Camacho, Ditania Pio, Elvis Yant, Esmerlin Familia, Joel Jose Polo, Marilyn Charles Yant and Wilson Fleurisme.

From NPH El Salvador: Olga Yesenia Carrillo Calderón