A Christmas Wish

Nineteen year old Keverson has one Christmas wish this year – to pass his university entrance exam. “If I pass the entrance exam, NPH will support me through university. This is my biggest wish and goal.”

Keverson came to NPH in 2014 when he was just 12-years-old after his mum passed away and his father abandoned the family. Keverson’s older siblings cared for him for six months, struggling to make ends meet, when the authorities became aware of their situation. Fortunately the children came together to our NPH home in Guatemala, where Keverson has been able to excel in his studies.

This year Keverson is finishing his final year in High School and it hasn’t been without its challenges. In June Keverson and four other young people in the high school home became sick with Covid19. They were isolated for two weeks and given good care. “It was a strange feeling being isolated, but I was able to spend my days doing my online classes. I wasn’t too worried about Covid19 because I know it’s less likely to have a big impact on young, healthy people like myself.”

Keverson admits that he has been worried for extended family members outside of the NPH home. “I worry that they might get Covid but I know that they are taking all the precautions, so I hope they will be okay.”

Being at NPH has been a good experience for Keverson. The 26 young people in the high school home are not just friends, but family to him. He knows that these strong friendships will continue well into the future. The caregivers are also people who he regards as family, as they have guided and supported him through life’s challenges. “I am particularly grateful for ‘Uncle Orlando’, NPH’s Director, as he has given me good advice which I value a lot.”

Christmas is always a special time for Keverson and the NPH children. Even though there are restrictions because of the pandemic, NPH Guatemala will be able to celebrate Christmas with a special mass, fun activities and of course, presents.

For Keverson the best present he could receive would be a pass grade for his university entrance exam. The Founder of NPH, Fr Wasson, once said, “Education is what will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.” Keverson knows this and strives to do his best to reach his goals, so that he can get a good job and help his family.