Earthquake Relief efforts

Success for Single Mothers

Our NPH child daycare centre (CCID in Spanish) called “Pasos Pequeñitos,’’ which means “little steps” has reopened after renovations. The centre has produced many success stories, with Adelaida Velásquez’s story being a positive example.

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April Country Updates

Read what’s been happening in the countries where NPH works. Each country embraces the NPH philosophy of unconditional love, but puts these values into practise in different ways. Read more here.

Easter celebrations at NPH

As a Christian family, Easter is an important time of year at NPH. In all of the 9 countries where we work we celebrated Easter with the children and made sure there were plenty of fun activities as well.

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A chance to live with dignity

Friday 12 September 2014 was supposed to be an ordinary day for the 4-year-old Sébastien, a boy with special needs. His mother took him to NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatric Hospital for a routine check-up. Read more here.

Single Mother finds hope and health

Margen Cerrato, a single mother from Honduras, thanks NPH for their help during the pandemic. NPH’s Rapid Reponse Team came out to help Margen and her two children when they became infected with Covid19.

Margen says thank you to her NPH family for helping her recover from Covid19.

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Our Family Centre

“For me, being part of the San José Family Centre is a blessing. It is a gift from heaven and something I have always prayed for,” says José Mario. “I used to feel hopeless. I used to look at my boy, Jefry, and promise him that someday I would be able to help him. Now, that promise is a reality and this brings me great joy….”

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Covid19 hits our communities hard

Our NPH family has been working tirelessly to help children and families in our neighbouring communities. The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on poor communities who rely on informal work to get by.

Unicef estimates that at least 24 million children worldwide are projected to drop out of school due to the pandemic. Child labour, teenage pregnancies and hunger are on the rise.

Our NPH family are supporting over 3000 community students with homeschooling, psychological support and food packages during this challenging time.

Aurora Zacarias, who grew up at NPH Mexico gives us an update of the Covid19 situation in Mexico.

Keeping the Magic of Childhood Alive

It’s been a stressful year for the children in our homes. That’s why the caregivers decided to give them a special surprise for Children’s Day. The kids in Honduras woke up to ‘Superheroes’ dancing in their garden.

You can watch the full video below.

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