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Feb. 23
Engineering her Future!
Karla dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer and helping her NPH family!
Jan. 12
Everyone in Haiti Lost Someone
The earthquake that rocked Haiti and changed Rachel's life forever.
Jan. 12
Volunteering - A wonderful experience
Sean from the USA enjoys his volunteer experience at NPH Honduras.
Jan. 11
10 years after the earthquake
Dr. Jacqueline Gautier remembers the devastating earthquake.
Nov. 27
NPH Christmas Gifts
Give a meaningful gift to someone you love
Nov. 26
NPH gives children a Christmas to remember
Siblings are grateful for Christmas at NPH Mexico
Nov. 21
Soccer is a way of life!
Our kids are obsessed with soccer!
Oct. 2
Burying the dead in Haiti
Haiti is in crisis, with the value of the dollar decreasing, fuel shortages, road blocks and fighting.
Sep. 24
Celebrating her 50th during a crisis!
Gena Heraty has spent more than 30 years looking after our most vulnerable children in Haiti. In the middle of the region's most recent crisis, she celebrated her 50th birthday.
Sep. 9
NPH Latin Market is back raising funds for Haiti!
Come along and join the fiesta! 3rd November, 3-7pm at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. We will be raising funds for our NPH family in Haiti who are struggling due to civil unrest in the country.
Aug. 26
Teacher becomes an example, a father and a leader
Young father finds a new meaning to teaching when he joined NPH
Aug. 19
Ensuring education remains a priority
Keeping children in school is key to breaking the cycle of poverty
Aug. 1
Former NPH pequeno takes leadership role
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services
Jul. 7
Taking extra steps
Enabling more through generosity of NZ sponsors
Jun. 17
A successful philosophy
We share NPH founder, Father Wasson's leadership philosophy
May 14
More than just a home
NPH helps strengthen families and communities through its outreach programmes
May 5
Striving to provide the essentials
Clean drinking water for our NPH Mexico kids
May 5
A constant struggle but worthy work
Farm challenges at NPH Bolivia's agricultural programme
May 5
Beyond our wildest dreams!
Special Olympics success for Haiti contestants
Mar. 4
Why currency is so important
When sending a gift to your sponsored child, please consider giving a cash donation instead. Just for the cost of postage from NZ to Central America, more than 27 pairs of quality briefs can be bought!
Mar. 4
From humble beginnings, an international career!
Former NPH pequeno takes modern Mexican eating to Asia and Europe.
Mar. 4
A Safe Haven
NPH NZ Board Member, Lisa-Marie Richan reports on some of the highlights of her recent trip to an NPH summit in Honduras.
Mar. 1
Real Change Really Happens
Having learnt Spanish and graduated high school with NPH Mexico, Lucy is a young woman on a mission to give back and ultimately to provide healthcare for her indigeneous Mixteco people.
Feb. 21
NPH Community Outreach
Reaching Out To Families in Need
Feb. 20
Stability engenders success!
NPH Haiti youth credits NPH sponsors and staff with enabling to reach for his dreams.
Jan. 16
Our Abuelos
Providing the depth, wisdom, life and joy that only age can bring.
Jan. 1
Amazing opportunity at sea
Four young NPH graduates take up internships on a European cruise-ship
Dec. 9
NPH Christmas Miracles
Give a Miracle this Christmas!
Dec. 9
Christmas at the front lines of poverty
Fr. Rick Frechette's Christmas reflection from NPH Haiti
Dec. 3
A Christmas to remember
18 year old from NPH Peru recalls his first Christmas ever
Nov. 19
A Beautiful Smile
Generous Kiwi sponsor funds braces for two NPH Mexico children
Oct. 31
Children with Disabilities Have the Same Rights as Everyone Else
NPH Peru offers individualized support to all children in our care.
Oct. 7
"You will be a good doctor"
Jackelin is a 23-year-old medical student
Aug. 5
NPH Latin American Market - 9 September
Latin America comes to Auckland for the afternoon!
Jul. 16
Maternity Leave Cover
Part-time Job opportunity available
Jul. 8
Update: Civil Unrest in Nicaragua
Our family is safe
Jun. 19
25 Happy Years of Service
Gena Heraty celebrates 25 years of service in Haiti
Jun. 13
From Ashes to Hope
NPH provides support to affected communities
Jun. 5
Volcanic Eruption in Guatemala
Disaster relief underway
Apr. 12
Loren O'Sullivan and Aurora Zacarias share their story on The Cafe
Feb. 28
Special visit from Mexico
"Older Sister" Aurora visits Auckland
Jan. 18
A wonderful experience
Zoe Edwards visits NPH Dominican Republic
Jan. 14
Gibbs Farm Fundraiser - 22 February
Exclusive - Get your tickets today!
Nov. 28
NPH Christmas Gifts from the Heart
Aidee wants to buy her nephew a NPH Christmas Gift
Oct. 10
Damage to NPH Mexico
Mexican earthquake affects our family!
Oct. 10
NPH Latin American Market
12th Nov - Our Hearts for Mexico!
Sep. 20
Mexico hit by earthquake
7.1 earthquake affects our NPH family
Sep. 7
Hurricane Irma hits the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Our kids and volunteers bunker down as Hurricane Irma hits
Jul. 25
Home Sweet Home Project
Giving a sense of belonging and comfort
Jul. 3
Joanna volunteers at NPH Dominican Republic
So much Love!
May 2
Our popular NPH Latin Market is back!
21 May 2-6pm Mt Eden War Memorial Hall
Mar. 19
Shoe Project
New Shoes needed at NPH Mexico and Honduras
Mar. 19
A wonderful experience!
Our volunteers had a fantastic time at NPH Mexico and Honduras
Jan. 15
Pork Pie with Special Guests
5 Feb at Lido Cinema
Nov. 24
Helping those in dire need - Bolivia
Our children help those affected by forest fires and drought
Nov. 16
From behind safe walls
Protecting our kids from gang violence at NPH Mexico
Nov. 16
From behind safe walls in Mexico
Helping protect our kids from gang violence in Mexico
Nov. 16
Made in Mexico support NPH NZ
Helping make the world a better place, one child at a time.
Nov. 10
NPH Latin American Xmas Market - 18 December
Come along and enjoy great food, entertainment and Christmas gifts!
Oct. 16
World Orphan Day - Challenge yourself!
Get involved and spread the word about our kids!
Oct. 5
Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti
Thousands homeless after this disaster
Sep. 1
NPH Latin American Market - 18 Sept
Eat, drink and be merry in support of our kids!
Sep. 1
A beautiful thing!
Hear from our sponsorship stars...
Aug. 22
Meeting Oprah!
Director of NPH Honduras is recognised by Oprah!
Jul. 20
Volunteer Trip to NPH Mexico - Feb 2017
Come on a trip of a lifetime!
Jul. 11
Gibbs Farm - 22nd September
Don't miss this opportunity to visit the exclusive Gibbs Farm
May 24
NPH Fundraising Flicks - Award Winning Mexican Film
Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna)
Apr. 14
NPH Latin American Market
Great food, arts, jewellery, music and dancing from Latinoamerica!
Mar. 14
Sudaka supports NPH New Zealand
Auckland's largest Latin Party helps our NPH children
Mar. 1
Be prepared to be Cuddled
Kiwi volunteer visits NPH Peru and loves every minute!
Mar. 1
4th April, NPH Movie fundraiser - Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Enjoy a fantastic Kiwi movie, while supporting our NPH children.
Feb. 21
Aidee Walker joins the Board
Our NPH ambassador, Aidee Walker, joins our NPH NZ Board
Nov. 11
Television producer Vanessa French embarks on mission to Guatemala
TVNZ producer Vanessa French is packing her bags for Guatemala.
Nov. 11
TV roles, luxury resorts and lunch with the stars
Tequila Tasting, Tapas and Auction
Oct. 19
Tequila Tasting, Tapas and Auction
Join us for a fun filled night of tequila, tapas and music
Sep. 30
NZ Volunteer Tells Her Story
New Zealand woman, Amanda Thomas, talks about her life-changing experience volunteering with NPH in Mexico and Honduras.
Mar. 10
No Place Like Home
Life before NPH
Mar. 9
Dreaming of a Career
The young women of NPH

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