Our children’s voices

Our children and young people tell you how they’re feeling about the pandemic. Read their letters below.

Julian, 15 years old, from NPH Honduras

Dear sponsors,

How are you? I hope that you are feeling well, I’d like to let you know that, thanks to God, I’ve been well and I’m healthy. I feel protected and safe despite the crisis we are going through due to Covid-19. But I’m also worried. Luckily, I have family, friends and people who care about me, such as my sponsors who care about me a lot. I feel very blessed by God because of all the people around who care and help me without asking for anything in return. 

Read Julian’s full letter here.

Tania, university student, from NPH Honduras

Hola! It is such a pleasure to write to you. I arrived at the NPH home Honduras in 1994 with my 5 siblings. I am now 25 years old and I am in my second year of university studies, doing my degree in physical education.

Our current situation is not easy for me, but with the help of NPH I feel safe and committed to supporting my family. What worries me the most about the pandemic is the financial situation of NPH, my studies and the health of all those at NPH around the world.

Read Tania’s full letter here.

Coralie from our children’s hospital

Coralie, 11 years old, from our St Damien children’s hospital, writes a letter to tell you how she feels about the pandemic.

To everyone,

Greetings to all those who are concerned about me and my friends. I feel sad about this illness that is ravaging the whole world. It is a great sorrow for our country and for all the other countries of the world.

I would like to thank our hospital, St. Damien’s, for the support they are giving us to help us get better.

Read Coralie’s full letter here.

Ophani, university student, NPH Haiti

Dear donors and sponsors,

I hope that you, your family and your friends are well. I am fine, even though the pandemic is raging around us and we have to rethink our plans.

 With Covid 19, I have realised that people are very afraid of losing their loved ones and I have also learned that taking good care of yourself is the best way of dealing with the situation. But I am worried about my country, my family, my friends – even myself- as Covid19 has challenged us all.

And what of my future?  In Haiti the rate of inflation is now 93.3 %. The cost of living keeps rising because we import more than we can export. This is adding to my anxiety about my family, the people I love, and even myself. I just wish that things would get better as I would like to finish university and find a job. If things don’t settle down I may have to do what others are doing, find some way of leaving Haiti to find a new way of life.

Read Ophani’s full letter here.

Abril, university student, from NPH Guatemala

Hi, I’m Abril,

I’d like to tell you a bit about my life at NPH Guatemala.

I came to the NPH home at 5 years old with my older sister and younger sister. As soon as we arrived we started a new chapter of our lives.

I remember having happy and special memories, such as going on special outings for our birthday each year. My 15th birthday party (an important celebration in Latin America) was a very happy moment in my life.

I remember the happiness of receiving letters from my sponsors. I was happy to read how they were doing and write back to them. The distance didn’t matter, we held our sponsors in our hearts. Our sponsors are like seeds which flower inside of us. They help us to be better people through their words which motivate us.

Read Abril’s full letter here.

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