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The photos displayed on these pages present a glimpse of our NPH Family and programs.

All photos are the copyrighted property of NPH International and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of NPHI. The surnames of the children have been withheld for the privacy of their families. Godparents can order the photos of their godson/daughter(s) at your nearest NPH office.

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  Lucas* loves to spend a free afternoon biking around!
  Eloy* all dressed up for a cultural celebration activity.
  Jaqueline* rocking some awesome home-made glasses!
  Janette,* Melinda,* and Gricelda* know that if everyone wants to play, instead of kicking someone out, you just need to build a bigger swing!
  A great day for games outdoors!
  Fun fact! NPH Honduras has 4 jungle gyms, most of which are frequented by teenagers!
  Every day is great for cake!
  NPH Honduras has plenty of outside areas to pass a nice afternoon!
  Lisseth* knows she's just about to win!
  Lizbeth* has one of the biggest smiles at NPH Honduras.
  It's hard to beat sunny afternoons at NPH Honduras.
  A great time for everyone on the slide, everyone who can fit at least!


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