My name is Ricardo Echavarria, I am from the Dominican Republic. I am an older brother from NPH Dominican Republic.

I was 10-years-old when my family came to NPH. I have 3 brothers, Orlando, Roberto, Eduardo, and my 2 sisters, Argentina and Esperanza, who sadly died a few months ago in a road accident. When I was young my mother was ill, and she knew she was going to pass away. She made plans for my brothers, sisters and me to come to NPH. The day after we arrived at NPH, we received the news that my mother had passed away.

We were in complete shock and the transition to NPH was very difficult. Our dad wasn’t involved in our lives and a few years later he passed away as well. I didn’t know this at the time, but NPH would become my home. With time I realised that this was a place that had a lot to teach me. The people at NPH took good care of us. They provided me with an education and kept my family together.

Life at NPH was different, we could play outside with other children. At NPH, chess became my favourite game and I loved to read. Pablo Coehlo became my favourite writer, one of his books that I have loved the most is The Alchemist.

Thanks to NPH, I am where I am today. NPH has given me the gift of an education and the opportunity to visit other countries, which has been a dream for me. So far I have been to Guatemala, Canada, El Salvador and the USA, where I was able to meet other NPH leaders and learn English.

I am currently studying bioanalysis at the Universidad Central del Este. I work at NPH as head of the IT department and am now in the Communications department. My dream is to finish university and continue working for NPH.

NPH has changed my life and how I see things today. I have learned a lot about serving others and sharing empathy with everyone. Although I was very young when I met the founder of NPH, Father William Wasson, I remember that he always brought us sweets and always had a smile on his face. He was elderly and in a wheelchair at that time, but that never limited him as he continued to visit the NPH homes.

I am grateful for everything that NPH has done for me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and supporters from around the world. Without your support, my life would have been very difficult.

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