NPH Peru

Sherlin* wants to study agronomy at university in memory of his father. At just 17-years-old Sherlin is looking towards his future while connecting to his past. When Sherlin was young his father passed away. One of the few memories he has of him, is his passion for cultivating fruit trees.

When NPH Peru gave Sherlin the opportunity to help out in the orchards, he jumped at the chance, knowing that the skills he learnt would connect him to his father and fuel his passion for his future studies.

“I know next year I will leave this NPH home to start my university studies. Many things in my life will probably change, but I feel calm because I know NPH will continue supporting me. I will be a part of the University Studies Program, just like my brother,” he reflects.

*alias names used

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NPH Mexico

At NPH Mexico we have three large greenhouses which grow tomatoes and cucumbers, staple of the Mexican diet. We harvest these crops to use in meals that we serve the children in our homes and community programmes.

Our older children also get a chance to help out in the greenhouse, learning about agriculture, which can sometimes spark a lifelong interest in growing food, or event studying agricultural engineering at university.

At NPH Mexico we also have a fish pond, an orchard where we grow corn, as well as a small farm with chickens and goats. Everything that we produce benefits the children and helps us save costs.

NPH Honduras

At NPH Honduras we have a wide range of sustainability projects including the solar panels on many of our buildings. This saves us up to $20,000 USD per year. We also have our own farm and orchard which produce milk, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables for the children and families that we serve.

We are fortunate to have a dam on our property. We are able to use this water for our agricultural projects, and we treat this water so that our children can drink it. Access to clean water is not something that many families in Honduras benefit from.

Lastly we have a large forested area around our property. We have a management plan which ensures that we cut down some trees to try and prevent large forest fires. With this wood we are able to sell it, and create another income source for our family.

Being creative and using our resources is so important during the economic crisis as fundraising budgets worldwide have decreased. We continue to look for ways to be more self-reliant and independent, but what we need for this is investment. If you’re interested in donating towards renewable energy or a sustainability project, please get in touch.

Our San Jose Family Centre has started a community garden which allows local families to produce crops which they share. This has been an important project during the pandemic as many families incomes have been reduced, and they are unable to get transport to local markets.

The children in the community also get a chance to learn about growing fruit and vegetables, an important skill in an area where there is great food and economic insecurity.

NPH Nicaragua

At NPH Nicaragua we have a banana plantation which we use to feed the community students who come to our school. By using the land and resources we have we can provide the children with a healthier diet and save on costs.

NPH Haiti

With support from NPH Haiti, Jacqueson is now finishing his degree in agronomy at Université Quisqueya, one of Haiti’s best private universities. One reason for his interest in agronomy was to help improve Haiti’s high level of food waste, a problem caused by poor transportation and infrastructure systems.

Jacqueson came to NPH as an orphan. He is due to graduate as a leader with a strong vision of how he can improve the lives of his brothers and sisters as an agricultural engineer.

Read Jacqueson’s full story here.

NPH Guatemala

Former NPH student, Jose Luis Baran, tells us that he is now an agricultural engineer. He is living independently and is able to support his own family.

One way that he continues to support the NPH family, is by being involved in our Hermano Mayores community, which is a network of our past students. This means that when someone experiences hardship, other members of the extended NPH family, can provide practical and emotional support.

NPH El Salvador

We are able to ensure significant savings by producing our own milk on the property for the children and families that we serve.

This is just one of the sustainable measures that we have in place to ensure our children receive a healthy diet, while reducing costs.

NPH Bolivia

At NPH Bolivia we have a farm, orchard and fish ponds. The children learn how to grow their own food and they get great satisfaction out of eating fresh from the property.

You can read more about our sustainability projects at NPH Bolivia here.

NPH Peru

The Director of NPH Peru, Rafa Arce, grew up at NPH Honduras and saw first hand how the expansion of the farm and orchard provided a great source of food and income for the NPH family. As such, since leading our NPH family in Peru in 2019, he has moved full steam ahead with improving our agricultural projects.

Thanks to Rafa’s vision, we now have rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and pigs on our property, in addition to fields of vegetable crops and a herb garden. It’s important for us to produce as much as we can on-site so we can feed the children and families that we serve, while reducing costs.

If you would like to invest in our agricultural projects to ensure that we can be more self-sufficient and sustainable, please donate here or get in touch.