Length of Service

Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of 13 months and may serve in a variety of positions, including teachers, caregivers, nurses, physicians, therapists, project coordinators, librarians or assistants in the clinics. Most positions require a strict commitment to at least one year of service. Six months into your volunteer service you will be asked if you’d like to extend by another six months or another year.


Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age and in good health. We accept couples only if they are married.


Our volunteers need to have a tertiary qualification in a field that is relevant to the job description. The reason for this is that we don’t want to fill volunteer positions will jobs that could be filled by local staff.

Language Requirements

Job placement in the Latin American homes will depend a great deal on degree of fluency in Spanish. For technical work and manual labour, a minimal knowledge of the language is needed. For most other volunteer positions, Spanish must be good enough to get along in daily activities.

You do not need a lot of Spanish to apply to volunteer – but you do need a willingness to learn.

During your interview with NPH New Zealand you will be given a short language test to check your fluency. From this assessment we will tell you how many weeks of language school you will need to complete in New Zealand and also in Latin America before your volunteer year.

Our volunteer programmes in Haitia and Nicaragua are currently suspended..


Accommodation is provided for all volunteers and 3 meals a day are also provided. A small monthly stipend is given to full time volunteers (this differs between countries, but can be around $100 USD per month). Volunteers are expected to pay travel expenses to and from the country where volunteering as well as medical/travel insurance.

You will need some savings to be able to enjoy travel around the country, but fortunately these countries are much cheaper than travelling in Europe, for example.

You will need sufficient savings to cover MIQ and you must understand the financial and health risks that you are taking by volunteering during the pandemic.

Medical Care

The medical clinic at each home is available to volunteers during their stay, but we recommend that volunteers see their GP for any required vaccinations or medical advice for living in any one of the countries.

Our local clinic can deal with any minor illnesses you may experience. However, in the case of a serious emergency you will be taken to a local private clinic. NPH New Zealand will cover your health and accident insurance.

You will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid19 in order to volunteer. You will also need to get any mandatory vaccinations and consider any recommended vaccinations, which differs slightly between each country.


Our volunteers need to share/respect the values of NPH – love, service, responsibility, strong work ethic and faith. In terms of faith, we are a Catholic family (as is most of Latin America). It is not a requirement to be Catholic or Christian to volunteer or work with NPH. However, we do ask you to respect our faith by attending church with the children once every two weeks.

There is a visitor/volunteer policy and child protection policy that you will need to read and sign before starting your service year. As part of the application process you will be required to supply a police certificate and references to show your good character.


Anyone interested in applying as a volunteer, please fill out our online application form. Once completed, this will be automatically submitted to your local NPH fundraising office.

Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will be asked to submit a completed health statement (English | Spanish) with your doctor’s signature as well as a liability form, showing that you understand the risks you’re taking by volunteering during the pandemic.