Volunteer in Latin America

Please note that our volunteer programme is currently on hold due to Covid19. However, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in the future, please do get in touch.

The volunteer program at NPH is full of opportunities. We invite university graduates over the age of 21 to give a year of service, helping vulnerable children and families across Latin America. There are a wide range of roles to choose from.

Watch this video to understand more about long-term volunteering with NPH.

Our program is a 13 month commitment, in one of 9 countries in Latin America or the Caribbean. We offer our volunteers a range of experiences from unique friendships, life enriching cross-cultural encounters and unique work experience.

Our volunteers share their talents and knowledge while serving others. Often our volunteers are highly trained and skilled individuals, serving in roles which would be difficult to fill in-country.

No fees!

There are no fees charged to be a volunteer! You will receive accommodation and food, as well as a small monthly stipend. You will however need to pay for your flights and insurance. Fortunately Latin America is a lot cheaper than New Zealand so you will not need a large amount of savings to get by. 

What makes a good volunteer?

The most effective volunteers come to NPH with a positive life-loving attitude, a strong work ethic, flexibility, realism and a sense of humour.

We also seek candidates whose main motive is to help the children and be good role-models. NPH volunteers are respectful of the cultures in which we work. Spanish language ability is preferred. However, a willingness to learn Spanish quickly is also acceptable.

Application process

We have 2 intakes (January and July) for long-term volunteers. See our Volunteer RequirementsVolunteer Opportunities, as well as our Volunteer Application.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with our NPH NZ office. Contact: [email protected] or 09 2160635