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Volunteer Program

The volunteer program at NPH is full of opportunities. We invite people of all backgrounds to participate in the endeavour to create a life of dignity for orphaned and abandoned children in the countries we serve. We open this invitation to people who have the desire to be of service to the NPH community and who have an open heart and mind. There are a wide range of roles to choose from - medical, teaching, administration, childcare, maintenance etc.

For the volunteers, our program offers a wide range of experiences from unique friendships and life enriching cross-cultural encounters to work experience rarely available in the outside world. The idea of having volunteers here at NPH is to support our staff members and to give additional attention to our children.

Our volunteers have the opportunity to share their talents and knowledge while serving others. Often our volunteers are highly trained and skilled individuals whom NPH otherwise could not afford or find in the countries where our homes are located. Volunteers always bring fresh ideas and perspectives that help meet the challenges of our daily operations.

No fees! Free programme.

There are no fees charged to be a volunteer. You will receive accommodation and food, as well as a small monthly stipend. Of course, you will need to pay for your flights and insurance. You will need some small savings to be able to enjoy your weekends off and holiday times. But fortunately Latin America is a lot cheaper than New Zealand so you do not need a large amount of savings to get by.

What makes a good volunteer?

The most effective volunteers come to NPH with a positive life-loving attitude, a strong work ethic, flexibility, realism and a sense of humour. Typically, volunteers may arrive with the expectation that living conditions are more primitive than they are. However, they are often not aware of how hard they are expected to work.

We also seek candidates whose main motive is to help the children and be models. NPH volunteers are not rebellious to rational authority, disrespectful or insensitive to the cultures where we work and are guests. Affluent Europeans and North Americans can afford to be rebels, with long hair, tattoos and pierced body parts. In Latin America, this kind of self presentation can ruin chances for a job.

Please remember, we accept volunteers only if we are convinced that they will be good for the children. We are not judging them as people, only as models for children who need to be prepared for their lives beyond NPH.

We have numerous openings for long-term volunteers throughout the year. We are sometimes able to accommodate volunteer groups such as school and church or youth organizations for short-term volunteering as well. See our Volunteer Requirements, Volunteer Opportunities, or proceed directly to our Volunteer Application.

If you are interested in helping NPH in your local community, please contact your nearest local fundraising office to find out how you can become involved. There are always positions available for translators, special event staff and office support. Working in your local office is a great way to get to know NPH better.

See Video: The NPH Volunteer Experience (9:18 min.)





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