We strengthen families

We provide assistance to families who are struggling so that they can stay together. We run daycare centres for single mothers, community scholarship programmes, health clinics and even a paediatric hospital in Haiti.

Watch this video to see how we help families who are struggling.

We offer a family for life

When children do not have family who they can live with, NPH steps in to provide a family for life. This provides a sense of stability and security allowing each child to reach their full potential.

See how our comprehensive care makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Brothers and Sisters stay together

When a family breaks down it can be very traumatic for the children. The best thing that we can do is keep the siblings together. This helps the children feel secure and happy when they join our NPH family.

See how our children feel safe and loved within our NPH family.

We break the cycle of poverty

We offer education from preschool to university level. We provide appropriate education and work experience so that our children can grow into confident and independent adults. Many become leaders in their communities.

We give children the chance to make their dreams a reality.

Our children become caring adults

NPH was founded by Fr. William Wasson who has instilled the Christian faith in all that we do. Service is at the heart of what we do. We raise children who want to serve each other, their families and their communities.

Our NPH family practices values based on the Christian faith.

Latin America is a predominantly Christian part of the world. We raise our children as Christians, while also respecting the different faiths that our children, staff and volunteers bring into our family.

You are welcome to visit

You are welcome to visit and see how your support is making a difference. Please get in touch if you’d like to visit.

Due to Covid19 our homes are closed to visitors. We will let you know once our doors are open again. NPH NZ doesn’t organise visitor trips, but you may wish to go on a visitor trip organised by NPH USA.

If you like what we do, check out the different ways you can help our kids.