Raising children, Supporting families, Transforming lives.

NPH stands for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos which means ‘Our Little Brothers and Sisters’.

We help vulnerable children and families in 9 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. We are found in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

Poverty in this region

Life is very difficult hard for families who are struggling in Latin America as there is very little social welfare. Poverty can lead to families breaking down and children being abandoned, abused or orphaned. One child dies every three minutes in Latin America and the Caribbean, with 72 million children living in poverty. (Unicef, 2019). The Covid19 pandemic has pushed many more children into desperate situations.

Our Solution

We strive to keep struggling families together by providing access to medical care, healthy food and education.

When a child is unable to live with their biological family, our social workers and the court system within the country investigates the case.

When necessary, NPH steps in to provide a loving family for life for children in need. We try to keep siblings together as this helps the children feel safe and secure. Since 1954 we have helped raise over 18,000 children.

Before and After NPH

Sisters Anita and Valentina grew up in extreme poverty. When their family broke down, and no one in their family was able to care for them, they were welcomed into our NPH family in the Dominican Republic. The girls are happy and healthy, making the most of their opportunities.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty

We support children through education, from pre-school all the way to tertiary level.

We believe that education gives children the opportunity to become independent and break free from cycles of poverty into which they were born.

Aurora Zacarias (below) was born into extreme poverty in Mexico. Her mother passed away and her father was unable to care for her and her siblings.

Aurora and her siblings excelled at school and took full advantage of the educational support NPH offered. Aurora is now a senior financial advisor, her brother is a doctor, and her sister is an accountant. Aurora has continued this legacy by sponsoring a child at NPH Mexico.

Healthy food from our farms!

Our NPH homes are found in the countryside and we grow a lot of our own food. This helps us reduce our environmental impact, keep food costs low, and gives our kids a healthy diet. It also teaches our children about healthy nutrition and sustainable food systems.

Quality healthcare

One in five of the children we care for have special medical needs, such as asthma, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or HIV. 

We treat all our children as equally important members of our family.

In some cases,  this means providing lifelong, around-the-clock care to children with chronic conditions. Without NPH, many of these children would not be able to survive and thrive on their own.

Community Outreach

While nearly 3000 children live in one of our NPH homes, another 3000 community students receive educational scholarships, from preschool to tertiary level.

We also run medical clinics which provide affordable healthcare to families in need. Our community outreach programs provide over 100,000 services each year.

It’s important for us to provide these services to the community so that families can stay together. This family in Guatemala (below) receives help from our NPH One Family programme, which ensures that children are not separated from family members because of poverty.

St Damien Children’s Hospital

In Haiti we run the only children’s hospital in the whole country (a country with 11 million people). Every year we serve over 80,000 patients. Find out more about our children’s hospital here.