Will you sponsor me?

When you sponsor a child you form a bond with one particular child while helping all of the children in that particular programme. Below are some profiles of children who are in need of a sponsor.

Here are some common questions and answers about sponsoring a child.

*All names below are an alias.

Juana, 7 years old, NPH Honduras

Juana is 7 years old. Juana and her brother joined our NPH family in Honduras in 2014 as there was no family member who could care for them.

Juana studies at our NPH primary school. She is an active, spontaneous and friendly child. She likes to go for walks. At the moment her favourite class is maths because she likes numbers. Her favorite food is noodles, vegetables and beef. For now Juana would like to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves playing on the swings and her best friend is Guadalupe. She says: “NPH is my home”.

If you’d like to sponsor Juana please sign up here. Write her name in the comment box.

Feniel, 9 years old, NPH Haiti

Feniel is 9 years old. His mother grew up at our NPH home because she didn’t have family who could care for her. Tragedy struck once again for her when she was a young mum to two boys. She passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Her husband had no family who could help him and he struggled to provide for them. The boys were often left alone for long days without food. He asked NPH for help.

Fortunately the boys have joined our NPH family and they still have contact with their dad. They joined our family in 2016. Feniel is a kind boy who enjoys spending time with his younger brother. His favourite sport is soccer. In the future he’d like to be a famous soccer player.

If you’d like to sponsor Feniel please sign up here. Write his name in the comment box.

Ruth, 8, NPH Mexico

Ruth is 8 years old. Ruth and her two siblings were abandoned by their mother and their father took care of them. Unfortunately her father could not take responsibility for them and no other family member was able to help. Fortunately the children joined our NPH home in 2015.

Ruth lives in our home in Micatlan, 2 hours South of Mexico city. She is studying at our primary school. She is happy, very curious and intelligent girl. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, especially her best friend Sophia.

If you’d like to sponsor Ruth please sign up here. Write her name in the comment box.

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