NPH Peru children go to school thanks to Kiwis

New Zealanders made it possible for NPH Peruvian children to attend school.
October 3, 2012 - New Zealand

Peruvian children enjoying their new uniforms

In Peru, children can’t go to school if they can’t afford a uniform. NPH currently has 88 children attending school (12 toddlers in kindergarten, 44 children in primary school and 32 teenagers in secondary school) and it has been a very large expense to buy school uniforms. For each child, two school uniforms need to be purchased. One is purchased for when the children have gym class, and the other is a outfit consisting of khaki pants, a collared shirt, red sweater and shoes. To purchase all of these uniforms for our children in Peru, the cost is almost $7,000 NZD.

Thanks to NPH New Zealand, we were able to buy uniforms and send the NPH Peru children to school. Our children are very proud about their new uniforms!. Six year old Yoanka says, “I love the new uniform, the color is so nice and my sweater is so warm and cuddly!”

The uniforms help the children to see each other as a part of a united team at school. Also, uniforms help children to concentrate on their tasks and not to focus on the quality of clothes that others might wear. Thanks to the generous help from our New Zealand friends, we were given the amazing opportunity to cover many necessities that our large family of 102 needs.

In addition, the generous donation from NPH New Zealand also provided the NPH children with much needed school supplies. At the beginning of every school year, children’s parents, and in our case, the NPH house director, receive a list with all the necessary school supplies that need to be purchased for the upcoming school year. Our children need many important items such as scissors, notebooks, books, pencils and paper. We firmly believe that one of the best ways to be successful at school is to be well prepared to achieve educational success. It is necessary that our children have their own supplies and don´t have to borrow them from other children. Education is one of our biggest concerns and that´s why we are trying to provide the best conditions for our children to be successful. We believe that a good education will help the children to lead a self-dependent life. Without the help from our supporters in NPH New Zealand, the children wouldn’t have had such a successful academic school year.

We again would like to thank our friends from NPH New Zealand to help us in constructing a better life for our children and showing them that there are people all around the world who are concerned about them! We look forward to your visit in October and cannot wait for you to meet our children.

Monika Babski   
Communication Officer at NPH-Peru




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