Thank You from the Dominican Republic

NPH-Dominican Republic is very grateful for the generosity of their New Zealand supporters.
June 5, 2012 - New Zealand

Our children helping with Easter outreach.

For the past several years, due to increasing support from New Zealand, NPH Dominican Republic has been able to continue many projects including several community outreach programs, the World Map project and a sign language course for our deaf child and her house. Everyone at the NPH-DR home is extremely grateful for this overflowing generosity from New Zealand and we want to say thank you to everyone who has had a hand in the help.

Thanks to a very generous donation, we were able to expand our Easter outreach in 2012. In the past, we have visited a few bateyes, or poor Haitian migrant camps, and severed sweet beans, a traditional Dominican Easter dish. The goal is for the NPH children to give back to the communities through sharing the Easter joy, food and friendship with those in need. This year, we not only continued serving sweet beans but we visited four different bateyes and planned fun and educational activities for the children in the communities. In addition, we went to a nursing home in Batey Monte Cristi and washed the feet of the elderly there. This was a beautiful day in which our children took it upon themselves to really practice charity during the Easter season. With this donation, we were able to purchase the supplies for these outreach outings and cover the costs of the transportation to get there and back.

Another outreach program that our friends in New Zealand helped us fund was a health workshop run by NPH volunteers and given to communities outside of NPH. Community leaders assisted our volunteers in encouraging people from their bateyes to attend and learn from these courses. This donation was urgently needed as cholera had just hit the Dominican Republic. Topics such as sexual education, general hygiene and ways to prevent cholera were covered and stressed. We emphasized these major points and provided educational materials in order to reinforce the lessons taught.

With a special thanks to a similar donation and the determination of a New Zealand volunteer, our children have a better education about the world around us. Kristina Cavit, Director of the NPH New Zealand office, spent over two years at our DR home and one of her many projects was the World Map Project. The purpose of this project was for each of our twelve children’s homes to have a hand-painted, large, world map, mounted in each of their homes to further encourage educational games and activities within the children’s homes. Volunteers and many children participated in this project and we are pleased to report that not only do all the children have these maps in their homes, but so does the school. These maps are often used, and they give our children the opportunity to learn about different places in the world.

Lastly, these funds have directly impacted the life of one of our pequeñas named Nairobi. Nairobi is a ten-year-old girl whom is both deaf and mute and until arriving to NPH was forced to communicate on her own will. However, since arriving at NPH, she attends a special school everyday. The problem remained though that the other children, particularly the other girls living in her house with her, were unable to communicate with Nairobi. Therefore, we implemented a three-month intensive sign language course for any child, caregiver, volunteer or staff member that wanted to attend. Today many of the girls communicate with Nairobi easily and it easy to see how empowered she feels. On behalf of the 215 children and the entire family of our NPH-DR home, we want to thank all of our supporters in New Zealand from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us. It is because of hard-working, dedicated and caring people like yourselves that we are able to better care for our children and ensure they have the best lives possible.

Avriel Burlot   
Communication Officer & Project Manager at NPH-DR




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