Aidee Walker joins the Board

Our NPH ambassador, Aidee Walker, joins our NPH NZ Board
February 21, 2016 - New Zealand

Aidee with one of the boys

We are very excited to welcome the fabulous Aidee Walker onto our Charitable Trust Board.

Aidee is a fabulous actress and writer, known for Outrageous Fortune, Step Dave, and How to Meet Girls from a Distance.

Aidee says: "I am proudly an ambassador for NPH - NZ which stands for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos: Our Little Brothers and Sisters. We support and raise funds for wonderful homes (orphanages) through Latin America. I have visited the kids in Peru and the Dominican Republic so far, and am hoping to get to the Mexico home this year if I can save my pennies!"

Aidee has been a great supporter of our children, and she continues to make a huge difference in their lives.

Muchas gracias amiga!

Loren O'Sullivan   




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