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September 1, 2016 - New Zealand

Kate sponsors Melanie from NPH Peru

“When we heard of the great work being done by NPH for underprivileged kids in Latin America, it was an easy decision to make. Our $NZ40 a month is a drop in the bucket, that NPH expands into a jugful. Maximo has become a Godchild in every sense of the word, and it gives me a heartwarming buzz to be his Padrino (Godfather).” Terry Dunleavy sponsors Maximo at NPH Peru.

We are fortunate at NPH to have amazing sponsors like Terry who make a wonderful difference for our children.

With the help our our amazing sponsors, we are able to provide the best possible care and opportunities for our children. We provide nutritious food, medical care, shelter, education and a loving family for our kids. With great love and support our kids are able to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Your money goes a long way in these countries. For example, it only takes $0.55 to provide 1kg worth of tortillas at NPH Honduras! Imagine how many hungry mouths we can feed with your support!

What you can expect as a sponsor:

- An intro pack, with your child’s photo and story.

- A Christmas card with a new photo every year

- Replies to all of your letters.

- Yearly updates on your child’s academic and social progress.

- The opportunity to visit your child at one of the NPH homes.

But also the rewarding feeling of helping a child in need!

“I give a relatively small amount of money each month ($40) to support Melanie's education and welfare. In return, I have been gifted the love from a child half way across the world. That is a beautiful thing.” Kate McGill, sponsors Melanie at NPH Peru.

“I'm so grateful for how lucky we have it here in New Zealand. The least I can do is help children like Souvenson have a happier and safer life.” Linda Lew, sponsors Souvenson at NPH Haiti.

“The amount of help we can give is a drop in the ocean, but imagine if we can assist one little girl to succeed in life despite the odds. She may go on to help many others and multiply our investment exponentially. If that is not her path, we have helped one child and that in itself brings great joy to us.” Jacki Jeanmonod, sponsors Mayte at NPH Bolivia

Join our amazing NPH sponsors in changing lives and making a real difference. www.nph-nz.org/sponsorship

Change a life, sponsor a child.

Cathrin Edelmann
Media Volunteer




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