World Orphan Day - Challenge yourself!

Get involved and spread the word about our kids!
October 16, 2016 - New Zealand

Esther is giving up TV for a month to help her Godson Max!

World Orphan Day is coming up on the 14th of November. This is a day to think about the 132 million orphans worldwide, who are living in difficult circumstances - poverty, abuse, neglect. For World Orphan Day, we need your help to spread the word about our beautiful NPH children.

NPH World Orphan Challenge: To raise awareness, we’re asking people to set out a challenge for themselves and share this with us on Facebook using the hashtag #NPHWorldOrphansChallenge.

The challenge will run throughout the month of November and all money raised during this time will go towards supporting our amazing kids.

To get you started here are some ideas:

• Give up coffee, chocolate or junk food.

• Live on a third world diet.

• Live without your car.

• Wash your clothes by hand.

• Do an adrenaline challenge, a marathon or a walk.

• Encourage your friends and family to sponsor a child.

To raise awareness and funds you can set up a Givealittle account, connecting it to NPH New Zealand.

Esther Rogers, who sponsors Max at NPH Peru, is giving up TV in November in order to raise awareness and raise funds for our NPH kids.

Esther says, "I watch TV to relax. I enjoy the stories A LOT. I watch 7 shows every week! I know that’s A LOT! So that’s why for my challenge, I am giving up TV for a whole month, for my NPH family.

I was blessed to be born in a family who had the means to take care of me. I am extra blessed to been born in New Zealand, a country where we have access to clean water and free doctors for children under 13 and I have the time to enjoy TV.

Max, the child I sponsor, wasn't so lucky. He was born into poverty and because of that he suffered severely from a temporary illness when he arrived at the home in Peru. This was due to contaminated water and living in an unclean environment. Thanks to the nurses at NPH, Max was able to get back to optimal health.

He now has the opportunity and the means to reach his full potential. For our NPH kids, I encourage you to spread the word and take on a challenge.”

Thank you Esther for being a great ambassador for NPH NZ and helping our kids!

If you would like to get involved and help make a lot of kids happy, please post your challenge on our Facebook page and get your family and friends to like us too.

If you don't have Facebook, please let us know about your challenge via email [email protected]

Loren O'Sullivan   




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