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Hurricane Irma hits the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Our kids and volunteers bunker down as Hurricane Irma hits
September 7, 2017 - New Zealand


One of our brave Kiwi volunteers, Joanna Sun, featured on TV3 news, speaking about the frightening experience of being in lockdown with the children and staff as Hurricane Irma swept over the Dominican Republic.

You can see Joanna's interview with TV3 here. www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2017/09/kiwis-in-the-path-of-hurricane-irma-face-major-dilemma.html

"It was very overwhelming and quite frankly quite scary to begin with, because I've never had to experience anything like this," she said. "But I couldn't imagine what it's like for the kids as well."

Fortunately our NPH homes in the south of Haiti and the Dominican Republic were not directly hit and are safe.

However, Irma has swept past the north of the island, affecting these communities with flash floods, damage to homes and crops.

Those most affected are the poorest of the poor, already struggling after Hurricane Matthew last year. That's why NPH has launched an appeal to help these communities.

Please help Hurricane Irma victims here: www.nph.org/emergency

Rick Frechette (Director of NPH Haiti) says, "It was a strong storm and there is predictable damage. NPH and our St Luke's hospital stay committed to rebuilding communities and agriculture."

All donations will be applied to this, which outlasts all hurricane seasons. We are friends in good weather and in bad weather.

Please donate here. www.nph.org/emergency

Our NPH homes are also bracing for Hurricane Jose and Katia as they make their way across the Caribbean. The hurricane season lasts for 2 more months.

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