Damage to NPH Mexico

Mexican earthquake affects our family!
October 10, 2017 - New Zealand


Just as our NPH team delivers much needed supplies to communities affected by Hurricane Irma, our hearts break once again.

This time from the destruction caused to our human family in Mexico.

After the 7.1 magnitude earthquake, our children, staff and volunteers at NPH Mexico are safe.

However NPH Mexico’s facilities suffered serious damages that put our children at risk.

We suffered severe impact in our homes in Miacatlán and Cuernavaca, thus we need to take concrete actions.

The list of repairs needed for our home is long. But includes:


-Dining room – presents to much of a risk to use it, repairs are urgent; at present our children are eating in the main patio.

- Middle school children's bedroom, urgent to repair.

- Middle School computer room 2nd floor

- Elementary school 2nd floor

- Sixth grade classrooms

- Reconstruction of the front enclosing wall, this is urgent because it leaves us out in the open, the house is unprotected and our vehicles are at risk.

- Museum (original Hacienda’s chapel) must be demolished due to severe damage.


- Young men's bedrooms – reconstruction

- Volunteers house - demolition and reconstruction

Us Kiwis know better than anyone the impact of earthquakes.

Are you able to help our Mexican family in their time of need?

Please donate what you can here: www.nph.org/emergency

Thanks so much for your help.

Loren O'Sullivan   




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