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Aidee wants to buy her nephew a NPH Christmas Gift
November 28, 2017 - New Zealand

Aidee with her nephew Leo

Aidee Walker shares her views on giving at Christmas time:

I have a gorgeous nephew, Leo, the only grandchild of my parents and as you can imagine he is very much loved by his family of adults - The light of our lives!

A few years ago I came back from one of the NPH homes just before Christmas. To go from a home with so many children, living quite simply, to spending Christmas with my family, was a bit of a culture shock! We had 7 adults fussing over my nephew, kai and presents galore!

Christmas is a family day for us, so having a little one makes it very special. I couldn't help but think of the NPH kids in Peru, the Domincan Republic and Mexico that I have met, and what their Christmas is like.

These are kids who have been orphaned, abandoned or abused, so while Christmas is a joyful time at our NPH homes, I can imagine that it can be a time for the kids to reflect upon their losses and family circumstances. Christmas isn't about the amount of presents we receive. It’s about spending time together and giving from the heart. Advertising does put some ridiculous pressure on everyone to buy, buy, buy.

Leo doesn't really need any more toys. In fact his parents would prefer meaningful gifts for him, because as an only child and grandchild it is hard not to spoil him! I am pregnant now with my partner which is exciting news for our whānau. This has made me think more about what I want to gift Leo this Christmas. When I saw the ‘NPH Christmas Gifts from the Heart’, which all benefit our pequeños (little ones), it was a no brainer that I will buy a gift on behalf of Leo.

Check out the gift brochure here: www.goo.gl/VT68Bt

The best part will be taking the time to sit down with Leo and explain to him what we’ve bought.

We will gift stationery packs for kids at NPH Dominican Republic. Leo adores school and has everything he needs, so we want to help make sure other kids receive that same privilege.

I hope that you too will think of spreading the Christmas spirit by giving a "NPH Christmas Gift from the Heart."

Merry Christmas, everyone!

To view the NPH Christmas Gifts from the Heart brochure, click here: www.goo.gl/VT68Bt

Aidee Walker   
NPH Board Member and Ambassador


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