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New Shoes needed at NPH Mexico and Honduras
March 19, 2017 - New Zealand

Our kids take care of their shoes washing them every night

"Why do you like NPH?" - Me, Loren. "Because they give us everything we need here." - Child, NPH Mexico.

Time and time again, I heard the gratitude of children at our homes. It was humbling to hear that they were so appreciative for things I often take for granted.

One of these things that our kids are in need of, and will appreciate, are new school shoes. You can see in the photo that our kids wash their shoes every night, taking great care of them.

On our recent volunteer trip to NPH Mexico and Honduras, our lovely Kiwi volunteers decided that part of their donation should go to this project - new school shoes for the kids at the homes.

At NPH Mexico, the school year begins in July, so the home wants to buy new black school shoes for the boys and girls.

At NPH Honduras the kids are in much need of new sneakers for their physical education classes. The last time new sneakers were bought was over two years ago, so you can imagine that some of them are very worn out.

So far our Kiwi volunteers have helped raise enough funds to buy 82 pairs of shoes. Many more shoes are needed.

It only costs $20 to donate one pair of new shoes to a child in need. Please spare what you can for our kids.

Please donate here: (reference: shoes).

Loren O'Sullivan   




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