"You will be a good doctor"

Jackelin is a 23-year-old medical student
October 7, 2018 - New Zealand

Jackelin at her university UCEBOL. “At this university I will get the best education to become a good doctor.”

Jackelin is in her fourth year of studies at medical school. “I am happy that I have passed the two first years, which were mainly theory. The last year of study was way more interesting.” Her favorite part of the medical field - Having contact with people.

“The best thing about being a doctor is that every patient is different." Jackelin says.

To make her dream come true, Jackelin has a busy schedule. From Monday to Friday she's doing hands-on training in the mornings at the hospital, lectures at university in the afternoons, and on Saturdays, she works for a medical brigade.

What she learns from university in the morning, she puts into practice at the hospital in the afternoon. At the hospital, she works directly with patients under the professional supervision of experienced doctors. Jackelin's studies help her to better understand her patients problems, and also how to help them.

For Jackelin, the most important thing about being a doctor is maintaining well-grounded knowledge and confidence. She recognises that she needs to have confidence in herself and show the patients that they can trust her. “If a patient trusts you, it is easier to help them.”

When asked about the easiest and most challenging parts of her studies, she answers, “I am really good during emergencies and patient check-ups. I love talking to patients. Listening to them and laughing with them.” On the other hand, working with a microscope is the most challenging part of her studies, because she can find it boring to keep at it for hours at a time.

On Saturdays she works for a medical brigade. They visit rural areas or poor regions to offer medical services to people living far from access. Being able to help people in need who do not have access to medicine was part of what drove her to become a doctor. Jackelin grew up in a small rural community with hardly any medical support at all.

During one visit to a rural area, the most emotional moment of her year took place. An old man with a deformed leg stumbled into the clinic. Jackelin attended to him, analyzed his wound and helped him through his treatment. Throughout the process, she talked to him and explained everything that she was doing.

At the end, he took her hand and said “Thanks a lot. You treated me today, like no doctor has ever treated me. Normally poor people, like me, are not used to being treated well. Often, doctors do not talk to us or they feel disgusted. I have faith that you will be a really good doctor.”

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