NPH Christmas Miracles

Give a Miracle this Christmas!
December 9, 2018 - New Zealand

Shoes for our children with special needs - NPH Honduras

This year you can celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and forget the hype and pressure!

NPH Christmas Miracles offer you the chance to gift yourself or a friend a miracle which will help our NPH family. Each gift makes a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

The Miracles are:

1. Shoes for our children with special needs

2. Annual field trip

3. Braces for a child

4. Students in crisis

5. Healthy nutrition

6. A dignified farewell

7. Montessori education

8. Community outreach

9. First female university graduate

10. Christmas gift for a child

You can 'give a miracle' here

(Reference, Miracle gift number)

You can read more information about these miracles below:

1. Shoes for our children with special needs - NPH Honduras

In March eight new children with special needs arrived at our home as they had nowhere else to go. These children arrived without medical histories or personal information. Only one child could speak and was able to share their names. From this tragedy, a miracle has emerged. The children are now healthy, happy and well-loved within the NPH family. Give a miracle – Two pairs of shoes for our children with special needs: $50

2. Annual field trip - NPH El Salvador

A miracle for any family on a tight budget is enjoying a special recreational activity. Once a year we treat the kids to a special field trip to a local water park. Give a miracle – The water park trip for one child: $30

3. Braces for a child - NPH Mexico

A generous Kiwi donor has performed the miracle of helping his sponsored child regain a beautiful smile through orthodontic treatment. Many more of our young people are on the waiting list to get braces. Give a miracle - Full orthodontic care for one child: $500

4. Students in crisis - NPH Nicaragua

Nicaragua is in need of a miracle! Political instability since April has resulted in mass protests, rising food and fuel prices as well as disruption to employment and schooling. Many of our community students are unable to come to school because of safety concerns. We are providing extra support and supplies to them during this time. Give a miracle – One month’s support for a community student affected by the crisis: $40

5. Healthy nutrition - NPH Bolivia

Our agricultural programme helps us to be sustainable and provide essential nutritional needs for our children. We have rice and yucca fields, livestock, milking cows, fruit and vegetable gardens, as well as fish ponds. We have 5000 fish (which means our kids eat fish once a fortnight!) Give a miracle – Give a child healthy meals for three weeks: $70

6. A dignified farewell - NPH Haiti

Miracles are much needed in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. Bodies are abandoned in the city’s morgue, on the streets or at our NPH St Damien Paediatric Hospital. Fr Rick Frechette and his team believe that treating the dead with dignity will lead to better treatment of the living. NPH provide a funeral and burial for 150 people every month. Give a miracle - A dignified farewell: $100

7. Montessori education - NPH Guatemala

In a country where illiteracy is common, it’s a real miracle that 80 of our students are benefitting from the Montessori method. We believe that this is the best education we can offer as it allows our children to act, love and think for themselves, helping to develop their confidence and inner discipline. Give a miracle: Montessori education for one classroom for one week: $200

8. Community outreach - NPH Dominican Republic

Just outside the gates of our children’s home there is a community which has very poor infrastructure and little access to healthcare and education. Our outreach programmes provide miracles to these families. The focus is on community health talks, check-ups, literacy courses for illiterate adults, after-school activities, construction and social work. Give a miracle – A health check-up for a family in need: $15

9. First female university graduate - NPH Peru

We are proud to celebrate the first female university graduate from NPH Peru this year. Milagros (which means miracles) has graduated with a commerce degree and dreams of running her own business one day. We currently have over 400 students at universities across Latin America. Give a miracle – Support one university student for one month: $140

10. Christmas gift for a child

There is nothing sweeter than the miracle of a child’s smile on Christmas day as they open up a present. For some of the kids who have recently joined our family this may be the first present they’ve ever received. Give a miracle - A Christmas present for one child: $30 (Indicate which country)

Payment information:

A gift/s of any size for any miracle is most appreciated. Please select the miracle/s you would like to gift someone this Christmas.

Please give your miracle here: NPH NEW ZEALAND CHARITABLE TRUST Account Number: 12-3109-0106881-50 Reference: Gift number + Your full name

Or for credit card:

Or send cheque to: NPH New Zealand PO Box 9405 Newmarket Auckland 1149

If you would like a brochure sent to you in the post so that you can stick your 'miracle' onto the star decoration for your tree, please get in touch: [email protected]

Thank you! Wishing you a joyful Christmas with your family!

Loren O'Sullivan   




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