Our Abuelos

Providing the depth, wisdom, life and joy that only age can bring.
January 16, 2019 - New Zealand

Spending time with an Abuela is special and adds to the life experience of our Honduras kids.

Living alongside the children of NPH Honduras, Rancho Santa Fe is also home to seven elderly men and women who are affectionately known as "Los Abuelos" (the grandparents).

"Casa Eva" is where they receive all the basics: medical care, love and affection, but it is nothing in comparison to what we and the children receive from them. Our abuelos provide our NPH Honduras family with a level of depth, wisdom, life and joy that only time can provide.

Our children participate in the care of the abuelos as well as recreational activities. They are an integral part of the NPH Honduras family.

The elderly require a level of care different from the rest of our population. Many of our abuelos are frail and battling mental and physical disabilities beyond their advanced age. We have a full-time nurse as well as a young woman in her year of service living and working with the abuelos around the clock. Support staff, along with groups of young people, provide activities and help with the everyday care of our elderly community.

Though NPH began by taking in orphaned and disadvantaged children, the goal was always to provide them with the love and security of a family. We strive to do the same with this abandoned and disadvantaged elderly population. The level of need and attention involved in caring for the elderly is not small, but the impact and importance are great.

Your help in supporting Casa Eva will allow us to continue to provide our elderly community with the dignity and love they deserve in the later chapters of life. To DONATE to help us take care of these special members of our family follow the link to our donation page and mention 'Our Abuelos' in the Remarks section www.nph-newzealand.org/ws/help/donationsform2.php. Thank you so much!

Kimberley Cameron   
Acting Director, NPH New Zealand




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