Why currency is so important

When sending a gift to your sponsored child, please consider giving a cash donation instead. Just for the cost of postage from NZ to Central America, more than 27 pairs of quality briefs can be bought!
March 4, 2019 - New Zealand

For just the cost of the postage to send a small item to Central America, an NPH board member visting there recently was able to buy 27 pairs of quality briefs for NPH kids.

Our pequeños love receiving personal messages from godparents and supporters. Like many children they have a curiosity about the world they live in and can ask endless questions about how things work, what happens elsewhere and about how other people live.

That’s why your letters and contact are so important for both their learning as well as their wellbeing. Sometimes we see something special we’d like to buy our child and mail a parcel to them through NPH. But we’d be most grateful if you could consider instead the equivalent in New Zealand dollars.

Money for a birthday cake or a special outing means so much and, although we make sure each child has personal items of their own, sharing the love and joy is a major part of the NPH way.

The countries we work in are also susceptible to major foreign exchange fluctuations and the stable New Zealand dollar can have significant purchasing power.

For example, underwear is always on the most needed list so, while in Central America recently, Lisa-Marie took the equivalent of the cost of postage of a small package from New Zealand to Mexico and went to a department store.

With this amount she managed to buy 27 pairs of quality boys and girls underwear (pictured left) – a real demonstration of why your giving really does make a difference!

Kimberley Cameron   
Acting Director NPH NZ




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