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NPH helps strengthen families and communities through its outreach programmes
May 14, 2019 - New Zealand

Children at our Guatemala home enjoy daily meals that are nutritious and wholesome.

Life is a daily struggle for many children and families in communities plagued by poverty.

To survive, they must overcome the dangers and hardships that bring an enormous amount of stress into their daily lives. As a result, some turn to drug and alcohol use, gangs, crime, or violence as a means of survival. Sadly, those paths are often the most harmful, destroying opportunities and lives in the process.

And when a family is in crises, children are at risk. Children living under the stresses of poverty, drugs, neglect, mistreatment, abuse, violence or illness lose their childhood, and sink deeper and deeper into profound poverty.

A family strives to shield its children from the struggles of poverty. But not every family has the resources to adequately support their child – this is where NPH steps in.

At NPH, we help vulnerable families in the community by providing an array of family strengthening programs. These free or low-cost programs focus on high-quality education, healthcare, therapies, nutrition, or parental training, that meet the specific needs of each community. Additionally, NPH provides specialty support to communities through our pediatric hospital, surgery center, daycare centers and other outreach projects. Our family reintegration programs keep children with their biological relatives and help ensure that the entire family has consistent, encompassing support. At NPH, we understand that poverty unfairly inhibits families from providing their children with the things they need to grow and develop. By alleviating the stresses of medical care, education, or even where to find the next meal, we help caregivers focus on being together as a family and providing the love and care that every child needs.

Our responsibility lies not just in the children we raise, but in the communities where they will one day raise families of their own. We support children within our NPH homes and in the communities, because #EveryChildDeservesAFamily.

Alex Hanel   
Sr. Communications Specialist - NPH International




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