A Safe Haven

NPH NZ Board Member, Lisa-Marie Richan reports on some of the highlights of her recent trip to an NPH summit in Honduras.
March 4, 2019 - New Zealand

NPH-Honduras Director Stefan Feuerstein surrounded by pequeños – Stefan’s team includes over 140 carers, volunteers and other dedicated NPH staff from around the world.

As a former journalist and ardent adventurer, I’ve been privelledged to have travelled to many parts of the world and get a glimpse of the everyday life and experiences of others of which we share our planet. On long journeys I’ve always known the beauty and safety of my home country awaited me, and as much as I loved to travel, knowing my final destination was New Zealand made me feel truly grateful.

While travelling in Central America last month, I was able to represent New Zealand at the annual General Assembly at NPH’s incredible Santa Fe Ranch and farm, just south of the Honduras capital, Tegucigalpa. A newly opened clinic and medical training centre joins the number of other NPH services such as a Montessori primary school, vocational skills and special needs facilities.

There is even residential care for elderly who offer mutual love and support with the four hundred children or pequenos (little ones) who make up the NPH family, in and around Santa Fe.

Other former pequenos are supported at University in the capital or undertake their year of service at the Ranch. In the city also are other NPH satelite facilities and, as a recognised provider of excellence by the Honduras Government, NPH is assisting in the de-institutionalisation of unsafe and antiquated facilities used to house both young children and those with special needs.

Sharing a common New Zealand trait, the NPH Honduras team sees where the need is and just gets on with it. Putting children at the centre of all efforts, it manages to create safe havens and delivers much needed services to those who have the least.

As we are all part of the wider NPH family, whether it be godparent or child, staff or community sponsor, our people truly appreciate the need for children to be with their birth families first and foremost, and to make this possible where we can through ongoing support of parents and their community. At this year’s General Assembly, this increasing move to family and child support services to create more havens outside our own was a major feature and we heard how this is being applied across the NPH network.

For NPH this has meant starting with the essential ‘building blocks’ of wellbeing, including providing not just for those within, but also assist more by reaching out and providing sanctuary and sustinance within the wider community. There is more about one such project in this newsletter.

As a New Zealand board member and as a godparent, every trip I’m able to take to an NPH operation fills me with overwhelming awe and humbleness. Meeting the dedicated teams, the pequeños, and the wide network of supporters and friends among these communities, and seeing everyday miracles occur all comes back to the selfless and generous support of you.

Every month your gift provides hope, love and a safe haven for those who would otherwise go without. Your support of NPH means change for good will happen–your belief in us is priceless.

*NPH board membership is a voluntary role and all travel and related expenses are self-funded

Lisa-Marie Richan   
Board member NPH New Zealand




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