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Having learnt Spanish and graduated high school with NPH Mexico, Lucy is a young woman on a mission to give back and ultimately to provide healthcare for her indigeneous Mixteco people.
March 1, 2019 - New Zealand

Lucy is remaining at NPH Mexico this year to assist other pequenos (little ones) during her year of service.

When Lucy and her siblings came to NPH’s Casa San Salvador in Miacatlán she spoke only the ancient Mixteco language, having never travelled more than a few kilometres from her isolated and barren mountain village in the nearby state of Guerrero. Despite their best efforts, living conditions for her and her family were subsistent, with no access to medical care, utilities or public services. The Guerrero coast used to welcome thousands of cruise ship tourists every year, but no longer now as widespread violence between rival drug gangs has compounded the State’s poverty and instability. Children, particularly girls, are among the most disadvantaged.

Now several years on, Lucy is in her early 20s, speaks fluent Spanish, and successfully graduated from high school. Currently completing her year of service, Lucy is strong, highly intelligent and caring - an inspiration to all who meet her, especially NPH’s own girls and young women. She is determined to study medicine but is also realistic about what the current budget can afford, and will soon begin specialist nursing training. With University and other opportunities before her, she is clear about her ultimate goal - to return to the mountain village and provide to her people the essential health care and medical attention they need.

Lisa-Marie Richan   
Board member NPH New Zealand




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