Ensuring education remains a priority

Keeping children in school is key to breaking the cycle of poverty
August 19, 2019 - New Zealand

After her morning routine, Lizbeth* heads to school where she spends plenty of time reading

Educating a family’s sons and daughters is a struggle for many communities plagued by poverty.

Poverty impacts the quality of education that a child receives in Latin America. Families with money can send their children to private schools which offer first-class education and opportunities. The majority of children go to public schools which are often under-resourced and overcrowded.

For a family living in poverty, sending children to school is often a sacrifice. For many families, spending money on uniforms and books takes away from funds needed to put food on the table or pay for the roof over their heads. Parents often work multiple jobs and perhaps are not always there to ensure their children make it to school or complete their homework. In some cases children are told to drop out of class in order to work to support the family.

Few families in these communities have the means to provide the necessities needed to survive today and the schooling needed to thrive tomorrow. But at NPH, our children get both.

Children at NPH schools receive a holistic education based on the unique abilities of each child. Many of our children are supported from pre-Kindergarten through university. Others who wish to learn a trade or enter a career more quickly, receive comprehensive vocational training to ensure that they are prepared to find meaningful employment as an adult. But with all of our children, NPH matches each child’s educational path to their individual struggles, needs, desires, and goals.

At NPH children can go to school physically and mentally prepared to learn, without having to worry about empty stomachs or having to work. Each day NPH serves a nutritious lunch to our students, which for our community students may be their main meal of the day.

NPH also goes beyond traditional education and provides local and international youth development programs and life planning support. This helps our youth learn about themselves, spend time with positive role models, develop their leadership skills, set goals, and reach their potential.

It's no surprise that many of our children go on to be professional tradespeople, accountants, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers and lawyers. One example is Marta and Sandra Baca - Twins who were educated at NPH Honduras and are now professionals. Marta is a Doctor and Sandra is a lawyer.

NPH's Founder, Father Wasson, had the goal of "taking my children out of the poverty into which they were born." Through quality education NPH is able to change the lives of children and their families. Fr. Wasson's philosophy teaches the children to give back to their families. In this way many NPH graduates are working hard and helping family members to reach their potential. This has a domino effect. Children, families and communities are changed for the better thanks to NPH's educational programmes.

Our responsibility lies not just in caring for children today, but ensuring their future tomorrow. Because at NPH, we believe #EveryChildDeservesAFuture and #EveryChildDeservesEducation

Kimberley Cameron   
Acting Director NPH NZ




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