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July 7, 2019 - New Zealand

Children at Kay Christine who will benefit from the new generator

In June, NPH New Zealand made its regular substantial transfer of sponsorship funds to our homes across Latin America. These funds will help support the high ongoing housing, quality healthcare and continuing educational care of our children and families in the nine countries we operate within.

In addition to this transfer of sponsorship funds, we were also able to transfer some additional funds to enable specific and much needed projects in our Latin American homes to be achieved.

The delivery of these projects will bring considerable benefits to the children and communities NPH serves. Two of these projects are outlined in more detail below.

Transferred funds will provide for the purchase of a new generator at the baby house in Haiti.

Sainte-Annes is a very special home caring for children under 5 and children with special needs.

Currently, this program is facing electricity problems, the batteries no longer respond and they are no longer able to store energy. In addition to this, the onsite generator frequently breaks down, despite regular maintenance.

Haiti regularly experiences earthquakes and hurricanes due to its geographical position, and also often faces political unrest. Recent civil unrest affected St. Damien hospital and the schools, and during the street protests electricity was shut down. Because of these natural and political events, it is especially important to have a new generator so that we can always have electricity to best care for our youngest and most vulnerable children. So the new generator will be greatly valued!

Dividing dormitories into bedrooms will provide more privacy and personal space for our older children and NPH Honduras

At NPH Honduras, there are up to 300 children living at the 21 homes across the Santa Fe Ranch. Most of the homes were originally made for approximately16 children. While it is important to build a family unit in the homes, we also understand the necessity for the children to embrace independent living and enabling the children to have some privacy within the living quarters.

Currently five of our homes still have open dormitories where all 10-12 children sleep in the same room. While this is fine when the children are small, it creates difficulties especially when our young people are going through adolescence. Giving girls and boys the required privacy and space is essential, so they have peace of mind and the dignity they deserve.

Having clear divisions in the homes will also enable the children emotional space, especially when going through emotional turmoil. They have the love and support of their caretakers and friends, but sometimes alone time is important for the child’s emotional and mental well-being. Furthermore, it is also a practical way for the caretakers to separate children when inevitable conflicts arise. It would also enable children more space to put their personal items, to give them a sense of independence.

There are still five homes with dormitories rather than bedrooms. Thanks to the generosity of our New Zealand sponsors and the support of others in the New Zealand and international communities, work will soon begin on transforming these into more personal spaces for the children who live there.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these projects! If you would like to find our about other projects you could support contact you can view the details here. www.nph-newzealand.org/projects.

Kimberley Cameron   
Acting Director NPH NZ




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